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Pirates board tanker in Nigeria and open fire

Four persons in a speed boat armed with automatic weapons approached and boarded an anchored product tanker, on April 15, at Bonny River Inner Anchorage, Nigeria. Fires were shot, with the pirates eventually retreating and escaping. One guard was injured during the shooting and was given first aid by the crew. The remaining crew are reported to be safe. 

Armed persons approach tug off Malaysia and open fire

According to IMB, on December 5, four armed persons approached a tug towing an unladen barge, off Malaysia, and opened fire. As a result, the Master was shot in the leg. He was transferred to the hospital, while the rest of the crew are safe. According to local media, one of the crew members fired around 10 shots from flare guns at the suspects.

Pirates board Maersk container ship in Ecuador

According to a report by ReCAAP ISC, perpetrators boarded the container ship ‘Maersk Newbury’ at Guayaquil River in Ecuador, on October 2. The perpetrators assaulted one of the crew, but all of the crewmembers escaped and took hide. There was no injury to the remaining crew and no items were stolen.

Armed robbers board ship off Malaysia

While underway, the Chief Officer detected a small boat alongside the ship. Shortly thereafter, 14 perpetrators armed with knives and machetes boarded the ship. The perpetrators robbed all the 12 crew of their personal belongings. Two crew were slightly injured in the process.

Two guards injured from shots in piracy attack off Benin

Five pirates with guns attacked the product tanker ST Marseille at an anchorage off Cotonou, Benin. The pirates boarded the ship, and two guards were injured from gunshots. The product tanker did not have any cargo onboard when it was attacked, something that made the pirates to abort their attack and leave.

Armed robbers board bulk carrier, stab bosun

Two robbers armed with knives boarded a bulk carrier, while anchored at Godau Port, Vietnam, on 31st of January, according to data provided by IMB. The robbers took the bosun hostage, threatened and injured him with a knife and then tied him up.


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