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Indian Navy succeeds in pushing back pirates

The IMB's Piracy Reporting Centre has been monitoring piracy worldwide since 1991 The Indian Navy's action against the Somalian pirates off the Gulf of Aden has resulted in the seas on the Indian side being declared a safe area for merchant ships. "Many ships have been taking the route off the Indian coast after the Indian Navy's strong action against the Somalian pirates," said Captain Pottengal Mukundan, Director, International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC).Speaking to TOI, Captain Mukundan said that there have not been any incidents of Somali type hijacking in Indian territorial waters though in the last year (2011), 450 crew members have been taken hostage in Somali hijackings of 28 vessels. The IMB's Piracy Reporting Centre has been monitoring piracy worldwide since 1991.While refusing to comment on the recent killing of two fishermen off the Indian waters by two Italian navy men abroad the merchant ship, Enrica Lexie, Captain Mukundan said that the law of the flag state prevails on the vessel. It is also subject to the laws of the coastal state in whose territorial waters the vessel is in. These laws determine the carriage of armed teams and the rules under which they operate.He said ...

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Indian Navy thwarts Somali pirate attack on two cargo ships in Gulf of Aden

Indian Navy has so far prevented the hijacking of 39 cargo vessels Attacks by Somali pirates on two cargo ships in the Gulf of Aden were thwarted by an Indian Navy warship last week, navy officers said here Monday.INS Sukanya, an offshore patrol vessel on anti-piracy duty off the Somali coast, had deployed its marine commandos and a helicopter to ward off the sea brigands, who were approaching the two merchant ships, in separate incidents on Sep 20 and 24.The pirates were on high-speed skiffs and made threatening approaches towards the merchant ships that were being escorted by INS Sukanya in the Gulf of Aden.Though it was dark, the Sukanya crew detected the approaching skiffs and following laid-down operating procedure, warned the speed boats on radio to stay clear."When the boats did not heed the warnings, Sukanya launched her own high-speed boat with marine commandos to investigate the skiffs. After some time, an armed helicopter was also airborne to protect the vessel in the escort group," the officers said.The skiffs were stopped and boarded by the marine commandos, who carried out a search and confirmed the presence of pirates on board.The commandos also recovered arms and ammunition in the skiffs, ...

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Indian navy escorts Pakistani vessel

INS Godavari escorted the 12,000 tonnes Pakistani cargo-vessel Less than a month after a Pakistani warship created a tense moment for an Indian frigate in the high-seas, Indian Navy has provided a lesson in Gandhigiri by escorting a Pakistani merchant vessel through the pirate infested Gulf of Aden.Indian frigate INS Godavari escorted the 12,000 tonnes Pakistani cargo-vessel, MV Islamabad, with an all Pakistani crew of 38, from a port in Egypt to the United Arab Emirates, through the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in the Gulf of Aden, last week.This is the first Pakistani-flag ship escorted by Indian Navy through the IRTC. Indian Navy is operating in the corridor since October, 2008. In the last three years, as many as 1708 ships have been escorted by Indian Navy. This included more than hundred Chinese and Hong Kong flag ships, sources said. Close encounterIn June this year, during the rescue operations for MV Suez, a Panama-flag vessel with Indian crew, which was released by the pirates, a Pakistani warship PNS Babur came tantalizingly close to Indian frigate Godavari, violating sea norms and damaging the frigate's helicopter nets."The Pakistani ship came much closer to our ship than what was prudent to damage ...

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Indian Navy foils piracy attempt on Greek ship

Eight Somali pirates attempted to hijack M/V Elinakos The Indian Navy on Saturday successfully foiled a piracy attempt on a Greek ship MV Elinakos in the Gulf of Aden. INS Godavari responded to a distress call by MV Elinakos after eight Somali pirates attempted to hijack the ship in the early morning of July 16.INS Godavari was escorting four other ships at the time in the Gulf of Aden, when she received the distress call. The warship launched a helicopter with Marine Commandos to locate the skiff being used by the Somali pirates. Marine Commandos were tasked with boarding the pirate boat.On being approached by the naval boat, they dumped their arms, ammunition and other piracy triggers.A German naval ship, the Niedersachsen, also coordinated with INS Godavari in the operation.INS Godavari has been deployed in anti-piracy escort operations in the Gulf of Aden since May 25, 2011, and has reportedly safely escorted 219 ships of various countries since then.The naval ship has also escorted a Pakistani ship MV Islamabad with an all-Pakistani crew of 38.Source: IBN Live

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Indian navy cannot provide armed guards for merchant ships

Proposal for having armed naval guards on merchant vessels has been ruled out As the government continues to discuss measures to check pirate attacks on the high seas, a proposal for having armed naval guards on merchant vessels has been ruled out.The Navy has expressed its inability to the government to take up the task in view of the limited manpower for its various missions, informed sources told The Hindu. Besides being on an anti-piracy patrol mission in the Gulf of Aden, the Navy has also been carrying out a vigorous campaign against piracy closer to the Indian shores.Sources in the government said discussions are on to work out modalities as also the agency to be tasked with providing armed security aboard ships.As of now, there is no policy in the country of having armed private guards for protection on the high seas, a practice cleared by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as an interim measure.Last month, the IMO Maritime Safety Committee issued interim guidance that the use of privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) should not be considered an alternative to the Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and in the Arabian Sea area ...

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New fast attack craft joins Indian navy

Aims to improve anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea India Wednesday added a new warship to its fleet with the commissioning of a fast attack craft here that can aid in anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea.The craft, INS Kabra, is named after an island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.Southern Naval Command Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Vice Admiral K.N. Sushil unveiled the commissioning pendant of the warship, with the commissioning warrant signed by navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma being read out. The naval ensign and the national flag were hoisted on board INS Kabra.Vice Admiral Sushil underscored the importance of relatively smaller ships like fast attack craft for a blue water navy, saying the assets were an essential inventory in peacetime for low intensity conflicts and anti-piracy operations.Kolkata-based Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) have built the fast attack craft for the navy.GRSE chairman and managing director Rear Admiral (retired) K.C. Shekar, in his address, said INS Kabra is a cost-effective and fuel-efficient platform. He added that certain modifications from the original design of these fast attack craft had been carried out based on inputs from the navy.INS Kabra, like INS Kalpeni which joined Southern Naval Command in October last ...

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The Naval Commanders Conference for 2011 started at New Delhi

Maritime security and anti-piracy operations are high priority missions of the Indian Navy The Naval Commanders Conference for 2011 started at New Delhi . Over the next four days Commanders of the Indian Navy will discuss issues of operational relevance and future plans of the Indian Navy.This biannual forum also provides an opportunity for the Chief of the NavalStaff to examine the operational readiness of the Indian Navy, assess the progress made in key projects and initiate functional, organisational and administrative steps necessary to further enhance the Indian Navy's readiness for current and emerging challenges.Speaking on the subject of operational readiness, he pointed out "with the security situation being fluid, we need to maintain the organisational ability to deploy ships, submarines and aircraft at 'immediate' notice". He also acknowledged the yeomen efforts put in by all naval personnel as they spent longer hours at work and many more days at sea owing to the increasing demands of maritime security.He drew the attention of the Commanders to the fact that maintainence of war fighting abilities remains as the top most priority despite the fact that we have a large number of peacetime commitments at hand.Talking about Coastal Security, the CNS commended ...

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