Chinese containers stranded at Indian ports

Following the coronavirus spread, thousands of containers reported to be stranded around Indian ports, since their cargo documentations which provide the details of the goods inside the container boxes are in the closed Chinese offices.

Bulk carrier quarantined in Chennai port over coronavirus fears

Continuing an alarming trend of global cargo disruptions amid the coronavirus outbreak, the bulk carrier Magnate stopped at India’s Chennai port after two Chinese crew members onboard displayed fever, a key symptom of the coronavirus. Eventually, it was revealed that the two crew were not infected.  

India puts more than 200 ports in quarantine mode

The Union Ministry of Shipping in India ordered all States to place 204 minor and 12 major ports in quarantine mode to screen for the novel coronavirus on ships docking from China. India notes that the ports should obtain a self-declaration from the arriving crew and passengers, to ensure the health conditions of each one.

Potential terror alert reported for Port of Mundra and Kandla

The port authorities, based on specific intel inputs by the security services, have cautioned all Merchant Shipping operating in and around the Gulf of Kutch and in particular Kandla and Mundra ports on the possibility of underwater attacks by potential terror organisations.

India takes protective measures as severe cyclone is expected to hit

India has evacuated more than 300,000 people along its northeast coastline by boat, bus and train, as a severe cyclone will make landfall on May 3. In fact, many villagers are piling household possessions on to trucks prior to leaving their homes. Authorities have shut operations at two major ports, Paradip and Visakhapatnam, while ships have been ordered to move out to avoid damage.

Port operations continue as normal in Pakistan after tension with India

Tensions between India and Pakistan are rising after a militant attack which killed over 40 Indian troops in disputed Kashmir on 14 February 2019. As the North Club informs, port operations are continuing as normal, however any Indian ship calling at Pakistan may be considered as a concern under the current situation.

Crews still violate Indian ban on use of satellite phones

Following the Mumbai terror attacks in 2011, the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) in India banned the use of “Thuraya, Iridium and other such satellite phones” in Indian waters. However, crew members continue to be penalized by Indian authorities for violating the ban, according to data provided by Gard P&I Club.

Update: Testing of ore fines in India

The West of England P&I Club informs that India has now approved eDOT Marine Laboratories to use the modified Proctor / Fagerberg test for iron ore fines. A table include the newly revised list of DGS approved laboratories has been released. The table also includes the validity of their approval, and the test methods which they are authorized to use.

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