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GMS: A surprisingly hushed start to ship recycling in 2024

On its latest weekly ship-recycling report, GMS finds that, despite the Pakistani & Bangladeshi markets stabilizing & displaying a far greater aggression at the bidding tables over the last 5 weeks (that too at ever improving rates), in addition to the long awaited Chinese New Year holidays that have finally descended across the world, it has been a remarkably quieter start to 2024 for ship recycling than many had anticipated.

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GMS: How geopolitical dynamics impact ship-recycling markets

On its latest weekly ship-recycling report, GMS finds that geopolitical events and the unfolding conflict in the Middle East have kept global trading lanes busier and the freight markets unseasonably high, when many had been expecting the Dry Bulk & Container sectors to cool off as the industry approaches the traditionally quieter Chinese New Year holidays early next month.

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NGO Shipbreaking Platform: At least eight workers suffered an accident while scrapping ships

In this quarterly publication, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform informs about the shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Providing an overview of accidents that took place on the beaches of South Asia and recent on-the-ground developments NGO aims to inform the public about the negative impacts of substandard shipbreaking practices.

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