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ATSB issues report re the stevedore fatality on board a container ship

Stevedore crushed between containers The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) issued the report of its investigation into the stevedore fatality on board a container ship in Port Botany, New South Wales on 28 March 2010.The individual died when struck by a container during loading operations. A twistlock foundation failed when exposed to gross overstress conditions. While new employees were warned about the dangers of working between a moving container and a fixed object, this was not reinforced in safe work instructions and was routinely ignored on the jobFor more information, click here.Source: ATSB

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Indian Navy and Coast Guard interrogate crewmembers of a Bangladeshi vessel

The team aims to find out if there is any possibility of terrorist links A joint investigation team of the Indian Navy, Coast Guard and state marine police is interrogating the 16 crewmembers of a Bangladeshi vessel that had sneaked into Balasore coast. The team aims to find out if there is any possibility of terrorist links.Two days after the Bangladeshi vessel's 16 crewmembers were taken into custody, the joint investigation has begun laying emphasis on "subversive and terror" angles. "The possibility of their links with terrorist organizations cannot be ruled out at the moment," said an official source. "The investigation has so far remained inconclusive. The arrested Bangladeshis are being subjected to intense questioning and interrogation as some clues have come out which indicate that they had trespassed into country's coastal zone with malicious intent.As the versions being given by the Bangladeshi crews vary from that of one another, investigators doubt the motive of their infiltration," said Shantanu Kumar Das, nodal officer, coastal security wing of the state police. No arms and ammunition were recovered from the seized foreign vessel. But there is a distinct possibility that they might have dumped the cache into the sea before the Coast ...

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Pollution investigators responding to grounded vessel north of Coos Bay entrance

No injuries were reported SEATTLE - Debris from the 50-foot fishing vessel New York has washed ashore on the beach north of the Coos Bay entrance near North Bend, Ore., Oct. 23, 2011. Coast Guard pollution investigators have responded to the incident. No injuries were reported. U.S. Coast Guard photo.SEATTLE - The Coast Guard is responding to a pollution incident on the beach just north of the Coos Bay entrance near North Bend, Ore., Sunday.The 50-foot fishing vessel New York ran aground on the beach shortly after reporting that the vessel was taking on water at approximately 5:30 a.m.Coast Guard Station Coos Bay in Charleston, Ore., launched a 47-foot motor life boat and Group Air Station North Bend in North Bend, Ore., launched an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter to respond. The helicopter crew attempted to hoist the three fishermen on board but was unable to because of the vessel's instability due to the surf. The fisherman eventually swam ashore on their own.The helicopter crew landed on the beach, picked up the fisherman and transferred them to awaiting EMS at Group Air Station North Bend.The vessel's captain later reported that approximately 300 gallons of diesel, 15 gallons of hydraulic oil and 1/2 ...

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