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A fatal fall, a fatal flaw?

After a Chief Engineer died when he fell into the sea from a pilot ladder on an anchored ship, accident investigators found existing health problems may have been unknown to his employers.The 61-year-old seafarer had been attempting to board the bulk carrier after a 7.5-hour flight, a five-hour delay in airport immigration and a 1.5-hour journey by taxi and service launch. The trip from airport to dockside was also interrupted by visits to two pharmacies so the Chief Engineer could inject himself with insulin.

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MAIB issues report re injury during buoy maintenance operation

Investigation revealed that the officer had moved into a hazardous area The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) issued the report of its investigation into the serious injury of a chief officer on a mooring vessel in Crosby Channel at Liverpool on 21 November 2011.The officer was injured when he was crushed against an air vent by a six-tonne navigation buoy that was being repositioned on the working deck using the vessel's crane.Investigation revealed that the officer had moved into a hazardous area; that there was no person in charge of the operation; that the risks of the operation had not been identified or assessed; and that applicable regulatory requirements were not fully metFor more information, click here.Source: MAIB

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MAIB issues report re fatal injury in fall from ad-hoc footbridge

The seaman suffered fatal injuries The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) issued the report of its investigation into the fatal injury to a crewman during cargo operations on a cargo vessel in Waterford, Ireland on 27 October 2011.The able seaman suffered fatal injuries when he fell from a footbridge rigged between a portable bulkhead and a fixed bulkhead near the bows.The footbridge allowed access to an opening in the portable bulkhead, but was not fitted with any means to prevent a person from falling. The opening was intended for ventilation, but was often used for personnel accessFor more information, click here.Source: MAIB

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BP Oil Spill Emails Reveal High-Level Discord Over Flow Estimates

BP oil spill investigation A BP engineering executive warned senior BP management early on in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill that internal models did not support estimates of the size of the undersea leak being provided to government officials and the public, according to company emails.On May 15, 2010, Mike Mason, a vice president in BP's exploration and production technology division, wrote to Andy Inglis, chief executive of global exploration and production, warning him that the company's "data and knowledge" did not support the 5,000 barrel per day figure touted by executives as their best estimate of the size of the leak."We should be very cautious standing behind a 5,000 figure as our modeling shows that this well could be making anything up to 100,000 ," Mason wrote in one of the emails, obtained by The Huffington Post.The next day, Jack Lynch, BP's general counsel in the U.S., forwarded Mason's message to two BP executives leading the company's oil spill response: Doug Suttles, chief operating officer for BP's global exploration and production business, and David Rainey, a former BP vice president in charge of exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.The emails suggest an ...

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Statoil investigating North Sea gas leak

Re leak at its Heimdal platform in the North Sea Norwegian energy company Statoil said it launched an internal investigation following a natural gas leak at its Heimdal platform in the North Sea.Statoil said a natural gas leak occurred at the North Sea platform last weekend during testing of emergency shutdown valves."Due to shut down for maintenance on parts of the Heimdal installation the installation was not on stream," the company explained. "However, there were still pressurized systems in areas not included in the turnaround."The 98 rig workers on the platform were evacuated but returned during the week. There were no injuries reported.The incident is under investigation in coordination with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.Statoil in March deployed emergency workers down a utility shaft to investigate a leak of the toxic gas hydrogen sulfide at its Statfjord C platform.Four years ago, around 22,000 barrels of oil spilled from Statfjord while a tanker was loading cargo from a storage buoy. That incident was the second-worst oil spill in Norwegian history.Source: UPI.com

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