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Incident investigation should focus on cause

Incident investigation often leads to blaming the individuals involved in an incident, with Gard commenting that investigations should also focus on the interacting causes which make up the conditions surrounding the incident.

Australia to conduct criminal investigation for livestock carrier incident

Australia’s Department of Agriculture will conduct a criminal investigation for the company implicated in the death of 2,400 sheep from heat stress onboard the livestock carrier ‘Awassi Express’ in August 2017. Earlier, Australia announced that it will toughen its welfare standards on livestock carriers.

Two crew men suspected of killing MSC Giannina's Captain

Two officers of the ‘MSC Giannina’ container ship have been reportedly arrested at the port of Genoa, over suspicions of involvement in the disappearance of the ship’s master, on 19 October, while underway in the Tyrrhenian sea. 


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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