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Pirates board tanker in Nigeria and open fire

Four persons in a speed boat armed with automatic weapons approached and boarded an anchored product tanker, on April 15, at Bonny River Inner Anchorage, Nigeria. Fires were shot, with the pirates eventually retreating and escaping. One guard was injured during the shooting and was given first aid by the crew. The remaining crew are reported to be safe. 

IMB: Maritime piracy incidents reduced in first quarter of 2019

The International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) published its report for the first quarter of 2019, revealing less incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships than the first three months of 2018. During the first quarter of 2019, IMB reported 38 incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea, which are 28 less incidents than the first quarter of 2018, which stood at 66.

Robbers board tanker at Jose Terminal Anchorage, Venezuela

Three robbers armed with knives boarded a crude oil tanker which was anchored at Jose Terminal Anchorage, Venezuela, in the early morning hours of Thursday, 21st March, according to data provided by the IMB Piracy reporting centre.

Pirates fire upon offshore supply vessel off Nigeria

Two speed boats with 16 armed persons onboard chased and fired upon an offshore supply vessel, while the vessel was sailing around 30 nautical miles southwest of Bonny Island, Nigeria. Crew raised the alarm, while the vessel increased speed and commenced evasive manoeuvres.

Pirates kidnap five crewmembers from OSV off Nigeria

Pirates armed with machine guns in two speed boats approached an offshore support vessel underway on March 9, off Brass, Nigeria, as IMB reports. The pirates boarded the ship, stole crew’s belongings and kidnapped five men. What is more, there are reports that one Nigerian Navy armed guard was killed during exchange of fire.

Robber steals fuel from bulk carrier at Caofeidian Anchorage, China

A robber attacked and stole fuel from a bulk carrier that was anchored at China’s Caofeidian Anchorage, on February 10. Namely, the duty officer on board the ship notice that a hose was connected from a tank. The alarm was raised and the robber lowered the hose and escaped. It was reported that DO had been stolen and the incident was reported to VTS Caofeidian.

IMB to address bills of lading fraud

The International Maritime Bureau announced that it has launched a new initiative aiming to mitigate bills of lading fraud conducted by non-vessel owning common carriers (NVOCCs). The IMB NVOCC Register provides a business solution to a business problem impacting parties involved in international shipping and trade.

Mapping maritime piracy and armed robbery in parts of the world

Piracy and armed robbery in Asia decreased in 2018, says the latest ReCAAP ISC report. However, recognizing the challenge in other parts of the world too, particularly in in the West Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, there is still great need of law enforcement agencies to continue their effective ship protection measures.

IMB: Piracy increased in 2018, Gulf of Guinea ‘increasingly dangerous’

IMB issued its annual piracy report for 2018, confirming a rise in piracy figures on the world’s seas last year, and specially in West African waters. The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) recorded a total of 201 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships worldwide in 2018, up from 180 in 2017.

ICC Academy develops certificate for Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers

The ICC Academy in collaboration with the International Maritime Bureau, has established a specialised certificate for Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers Bills of Lading. The programme aims to increase standards and reliability of maritime trade for active NVOCCs and their trading partners.


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