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ILO urged to ensure proper identification of seafarer suicides

On the occasion of UK’s Seafarers Awareness Week, maritime charity Seafarers UK noted a lack of reliable source of information about suicides at sea. In this regard, the charity urged the ILO to consider steps in line with MLC, to ensure that all seafarer suicides are accurately identified.

ILO: The impact of COVID-19 on shipping and fishing

Among major business disruptions, the pandemic impacts the safety and well-being of seafarers and fishers, their ability to join their vessels and return home, and the future of their jobs. As of mid-April, the volume of global merchandise trade was falling by 13%, and there are estimates of a decline of 32% or more, WTO estimates. 

UK commits to seafarer welfare during COVID-19

The UK Department of Transport have sent a letter to the ILO, IMO, and WHO, in regards to the UK’s commitment to seafarer welfare during the current COVID-19 pandemic and how they plan to facilitate seafarer transit and transfer to keep world trade moving.

Qatar ends kafala system with major labour reforms

As part of recently-announced labour reforms, Qatar is planning an end to the kafala system, marking a momentous step forward in upholding the rights of migrant workers. The reforms will mean removal of exit permits and non-discriminatory minimum wage for migrant workers by January 2020.

ILO updates social contract with centenary declaration

ITF’s General Secretary, Stephen Cotton, speaking at the ILO’s centenary conference in Geneva, highlighted that ‘now is the time to assert authority as the global standard-bearer for labour rights.’ ILO agreed a centenary declaration designed to give all workers a floor of rights and protections in an ever-changing world of work. 

ILO: 2.78 million workers die from occupational accidents annually

ILO launched a report on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), ahead of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April, in light of ILO’s 100 years of achievements. Globally 1,000 people are estimated to die every day from occupational accidents and a further 6,500 from work-related diseases.

Tanzania ratifies MLC 2006

Tanzania has become the 93rd member state of the International Labour Organization (ILO) to ratify the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended (MLC 2006). The MLC establishes minimum international working and living conditions for seafarers on board vessels. The MLC will enter into force for Tanzania in April 2020, one year after its ratification. 


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