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EU will continue leading the offshore wind market, says IEA

IEA launched its Offshore Wind Outlook 2019 noting an increase of 30% in the wind market between 2010 and 2018, which was achieved from technological developments and from the growth of offshore wind projects. The report highlights that Europe is leading the offshore wind development, with the UK, Germany and Denmark being the highlight of these developments. Yet, China added more capacity than any other country in 2018.

Decarbonization, cybersecurity a top priority for the global energy system

IEA launched its World Energy Outlook 2019, exploring a number of today’s issues that challenge the industry, as the dissonance amongst well-supplied oil markets and developing geopolitical tensions, the gap between the rapidly-increasing GHG emissions and the lack of stated policies to deal with those emissions, and the promise of “energy for all”, in comparison to the lack of electricity access for 850 million people in the globe.

IEA: Offshore wind to be a $1 trillion industry by 2040

It is expected that over the next few years, offshore wind power will expand impressively, helping decarbonise energy systems and reduce air pollution, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency. Dr Fatih Birol, IEA’s Executive Director, launched the Offshore Wind Outlook 2019 on 25 October.

IEA proposes Estonia to follow an eco-friendly energy plan

According to IEA, Estonia’s energy supply is one of a kind amongst IEA member countries, as the country relies to its domestically produced oil shale, which dominates electricity generation. Yet, Estonia’s energy independence results to the country being the highest carbon intensity of all IEA countries.

IEA: Oil industry sees strong growth in 2019

IEA published its weekly oil market report according to which they keep a stability on growth for 2019, at 1.1 mb/d, even though June data show that demand increased year-on-year by less than 0.2 mb/d.

US LNG exports see weekly increase

According to EIA, the liquefied natural gas exports from the US rose over the week ending September 4, as 12 LNG tankers had departed from US facilities, all of them carrying capacity of 43 billion cubic feet of LNG, increased by four cargoes in comparison to the previous week. 

IEA closely monitors Strait of Hormuz tensions to act if needed

According to IEA’s statement, the Administration is ready to take action if needed, concerning the recent incidents that took place in the strait of Hormuz. IEA is of the opinion that free energy transit is crucial to the global economy and that’s how it has to be maintained. 

US and China to lead LNG imports and exports in 2024

The International Energy Agency expects that China and the US will become world’s biggest LNG exporters and importers in five years. The US will surpass Australia’s and Qatar’s LNG exports in 2024, Reuters reports. 

IEA presents global commission for advancing energy efficiency

The International Energy Agency has created an independent high-level global commission to examine how progress on energy efficiency can be quickly accelerated through new and stronger policy action. IEA calculates that with the right policies, the global economy could double in size by 2040 while still maintaining broadly the same level of energy use as today.


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