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ICS Chairman Calls for More Navy Forces in Indian Ocean

The use of private guards does not mean that military forces are no longer needed Governments have ceded control of the Indian Ocean to pirates and the smalldeployment of naval forces to the region is like putting a band-aid on agaping wound - so says ICS Chairman Spyros M Polemis.And in a damning indictment of western governments, Mr Polemis willcontroversially suggest they would be acting differently if the manyseafarers held hostage off the coast of Somalia were "Americans orEuropeans".Speaking at next week's Maritime Cyprus conference in Limassol on Monday(October 3rd) Mr Polemis will tell shipping professionals: "The fundamentalproblem is the lack of navy ships that are committed to protecting shipping- a band aid on a gaping wound, although the navies do an excellent jobunder the circumstances and we commend them for this."In a straight-talking speech Mr Polemis is set to tell delegates that "bytheir own admission, the military advise that no ship is completely safe".He will say: "Sadly, one can only conclude from the current response of manygovernments that those thousands of seafarers that have so far been capturedhave simply had the wrong nationality. If they were all Americans orEuropeans, the governments' attitude might have been somewhat different. Itis really ...

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Piracy Orchestrating the response: ICS marks world maritime day

ICS says that the principal concern of the shipping industry is humanitarian To mark the occasion of IMO World Maritime Day and this year's chosen theme, the piracy crisis in the Indian Ocean, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), which represents 80% of the world merchant fleet, has produced a special brochure.The brochure is intended to reiterate the urgent need for governments to do more to protect merchant shipping from being attacked by Somali pirates, with over 3,000 seafarers having so far been held hostage for ransom, and up to 60 having lost their lives.The ICS brochure explains that the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations agency responsible for safety of life at sea, has had a pivotal role in orchestrating the response of the international community to the scourge of piracy, which is the theme of IMO World Maritime Day 2011. In co-operation with the shipping industry, IMO has been instrumental in bringing the seriousness of the crisis to the attention of the UN Security Council. However, the piracy crisis in the Indian Ocean has continued to spiral out of control.ICS expresses appreciation for the efforts of IMO Member States and military navies to protect merchant ships and ...

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ICS stresses importance of treaty ratification

It is crucial that the same regulations re afety, environment and seafarers apply to all ships Governments must not impede the smooth operation of a global maritime regulatory regime by failing to ratify and implement crucial maritime conventions, warns the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).It is crucial that the same regulations governing matters such as safety, environmental protection, liability and seafarers' working conditions apply to all ships in international trade and that the same laws apply to all parts of the voyage, advises ICS - the principal international trade association for shipowners, representing 80% of the world merchant fleet.ICS and its sister organisation, the International Shipping Federation (ISF), have produced a campaign brochure (launched this week ) which reiterates the importance of maritime treaty ratification and which is intended to help member national shipowner associations lobby their governments to support the global regulatory system that shipping requires."A global industry requires global rules." said ICS Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe."The failure of new Conventions to enter into force or become widely ratified also gives encouragement to the promotion of unwelcome unilateral or regional regulation."The brochure, available from national associations or online via www.ics-shipping.org <http://www.ics-shipping.org>, provides updated information on the progress of a ...

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Guidance on the construction and use of citadels

The document has received approval from Round Table members Industry has produced a set of guidelines aimed at giving guidance on the construction and use of citadels in waters affected by Somalia piracy. The document has received approval from Round Table members - INTERTANKO, BIMCO, ICS and INTERCARGO - as well as other industry associations. NATO, EUNAVFOR and the Combined Maritime Force (CMF) have also approved the document.A citadel as defined in BMP4 is "A designated pre-planned area purpose built into the ship where, in the event of imminent boarding by pirates, all crew will seek protection. A citadel is designed and constructed to resist a determined pirate trying to gain entry for a fixed period of time."Since January 2010, there have been 26 cases where pirates have actually boarded vessels, but have been unable to take control because the vessel's crew have all successfully sought refuge in a pre-planned citadel. However, there have also been five cases where citadels have been breached - these may be attributed to a number of factors including poor construction and location of the citadel. With the use of citadels increasing, the pirates have similarly gained experience in defeating a citadel - this includes ...

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Norwegian Shipowners’ Association director general warns on emissions rules

Sulphur regulations will drive fuel costs to a level that will dwarf the impact of carbon policies Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NSA) Director General Sturla Henriksen has warned of the effects of trying push the shipping industry too hard to improve its already good emissions performance.He told delegates to last week's International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) conference that beyond a certain point imposing additional burdens on the shipping industry could "cause modal "backshifts" and reduce shipping's capacity, resulting in increased overall GHG emissions, reduced global economic growth and competitive distortions to land based industries".He referred to a study commissioned by NSA from Price Waterhouse Coopers that predicted that sulphur regulations will drive fuel costs to a level that would dwarf the impact of carbon policies.Mr Henriksen also referred to an impact assessment by the Nordic Legal Defence Club which supported ICS's preference for a levy-based, "fuel-linked" CO2 compensation system. This assessment found that a levy system was: better suited to meet IMO criteria, less bureaucratic and easier to administer, more transparent and simpler and also allows for passing on costs."I believe," said Mr Henriksen, "that the way forward is through one, single global system; within IMO, based on the following criteria. ...

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ICS urges New Zealand to retain anti-trust immunity for liner trades

The International Chamber of Shipping urges for changes to maritime competition regime The International Chamber of Shipping has urged the New Zealand government to consider practices in other parts of the world when it considers making changes to its maritime competition regime. The subject of carbon dioxide dominated the latest of Germanischer Lloyd traditional forums to recap the most recent session of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee.

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Global Shipping Industy calls for UN armed force against Somali pirates

ICS, BIMCO, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO demand a The global shipping industry (represented by the Round Table of international shipping associations) has called for the establishment of a United Nations force of armed military guards to tackle the piracy crisis in the Indian Ocean, which it says is spiralling out of control.In a hard hitting letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), BIMCO, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO demand a "bold new strategy" to curb rising levels of piracy which have resulted in the Indian Ocean resembling "the wild west".The letter states: "It is now abundantly clear to shipping companies that the current situation, whereby control of the Indian Ocean has been ceded to pirates, requires a bold new strategy. To be candid, the current approach is not working."Regretting the increasing necessity for shipping companies to employ private armed guards to protect crew and ships, the letter continues: "It seems inevitable that lawlessness ashore in Somalia will continue to breed lawlessness at sea."The shipping industry organisations - which represent more than 90% of the world merchant fleet - say they fully support the UN's long-term measures on shore aimed at helping the Somali people but are concerned that ...

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International Shipping Lifeblood of World Trade

The vital importance of shipping to the world economy ICS has produced a new updated short DVD film- International Shipping: Life Blood of World Trade- to explain the importance of shipping to the health of the world economy, and to convey the message that shipping is safe, clean and comprehensively regulated. The film also stresses the vital need for global regulation for a global industry. In addition to being used with audiences of policy makers, the film can be used as a tool at exhibitions and in careers talks to young people.

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