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Port of Antwerp eyes hydrogen bunkering

The Port of Antwerp plans to launch a hydrogen bunkering station during 2019, its CEO Jacques Vandermeiren informed during a recent forum. This development comes as the Port aspires to become multi-fuel, bringing several alternative fuels for the shipping industry, such as LNG and methanol. The Port of Antwerp is now working on the logistics of the project, while a timeline cannot be confirmed yet.

How the Port of Antwerp plans to become a Multi-Fuel Port

Antwerp is the fifth-largest bunkering port in the world. For this reason it aims to become a Multi-Fuel Port by 2025, meaning a port where in addition to conventional fuels, alternative, more sustainable fuels can also be made available. In the short term the Port has decided to include methanol, hydrogen gas and electrical energy in the bunkering market.

Port of Antwerp to invest in sustainable project

In 2019 the Port Authority will keep to the same course, further building a sustainable future for the port. In pursuit of this goal it is concentrating heavily on structural solutions to challenges such as mobility, the energy transition, digitisation and innovation.

Port of LA awarded $41 million for zero emissions project

The California Air Resources Board has preliminarily awarded $41 million dollars to the Port of Los Angeles for the Zero-Emission and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities project. The total project cost for this initial phase is $82,568,872, with partners providing $41,446,612.

Port of Long Beach votes on fuel-cell power plant and new fueling station

The Port of Long Beach will vote on a proposal by Toyota Logistics Services to reconfigure its facility at Pier B and build a renewable fuel-cell power plant and hydrogen fueling station, on Monday, August 13. The facility will include a 2.3-megawatt fuel-cell power plant and a new fueling station that includes pumps dedicated to hydrogen.

Port of Long Beach receives fund to achieve zero-emissions operations

The Port of Long Beach will use a $5.3 million grant from the California Air Resources Board to deploy hydrogen- and electric-powered cargo-handling equipment at two shipping terminals. The funds for the project is part of California Climate Investments, an initiative to reduce GHG emissions, improving the environment. 

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