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Shell outlines path for net-zero emissions shipping

A new report by oil major Shell highlights the important role that hydrogen and fuel cells could play in achieving a decarbonised shipping sector and calls for the IMO to adopt a clear trajectory to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Hydrogen energy project to reduce CO2 emissions

According to BBC, the Keele University through its initiative, is boosting United Kingdom’s hydrogen revolution a step forward. Specifically, the University’s natural gas supply is being blended with 20% of hydrogen, reducing the CO2 amount that is being produced through heating or cooking.

New study maps out routes to emission-​free shipping

On behalf of German ship operator Reederei Nord, a team from ETH Zurich investigated shipping activities in the North and Baltic Seas as well as the infrastructure, costs of new fuels and storage options, in a bid to map out “routes” towards emission-​free shipping.

IMO: Ammonia, hydrogen promising fuels to decarbonization

Ammonia and hydrogen are promising potential fuels of the future in a decarbonized shipping industry, which has to switch to alternative, zero carbon fuels to meet the targets of the initial IMO strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships, an IMO symposium on sulphur 2020 and alternative fuels heard on 18 October.

EU’s biggest hydrogen plant to be constructed in Rotterdam

In the three years following, Europe’s biggest green hydrogen plant preparations will take place in the Port of Rotterdam, as hydrogen will lead the energy transition system. Water is the only residual product of hydrogen; Yet, up to now hydrogen can be maintained by converting natural gas at high temperatures which led to CO2 release, as well. 

Belgian CMB and Japanese TFC to build hydrogen-powered ferry

Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB), based in Antwerp, and Japanese shipbuilder Tsuneishi Facilities & Craft (TFC) announced their collaboration to construct a hydrogen-powered ferry. TFC will bring its state-of-the-are shipbuilding expertise, whereas CMB Technologies will bring their knowledge on marine hydrogen systems.

British Columbia sees world’s largest green hydrogen plant

Canada’s British Columbia might accommodate the world’s largest hydrogen production facility, supporting the province’s zero-emission vehicle policy and exporting to important markets like California and Japan. The project was launched in April 2018, aiming at the potential for large-scale production of renewable hydrogen, which could be used domestically and for export.

Blue hydrogen economy kicks off in Rotterdam

The large-scale production and utilisation of blue hydrogen will allow local industry in Rotterdam to substantially reduce its CO2 emissions well before 2030, according to a feasibility study carried out by 16 companies and organisations within the H-vision project.

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