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First true hybrid system to be installed on board an offshore supply vessel

World' s first hybrid system for ship A true hybrid energy system is currently being developed for installation on board the offshore supply vessel Viking Lady. An impressive battery pack for energy storage will soon be installed. When the new system is complete, the operation of the engine will be more smooth and cost effective giving further emission reductions.The Viking Lady is not like any other offshore supply ship. The three-year-old LNG-fuelled vessel, which is owned by Eidesvik Offshore, was the very first merchant ship to use a fuel cell as part of its propulsion system. The fuel cell, which generates an electric output of 330 kW, was installed in the autumn of 2009 and has successfully run for more than 18,500 hours. Based on this, the Viking Lady is already one of the world's most environmentally friendly ships. Now another first step is to be taken to reduce its emissions even more. Once the battery pack is in place, the ship will operate using a hybrid system similar to that which has been installed in hybrid cars for a number of years. However, the potential emission reductions are higher and the return on investment period is shorter for ships ...

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Batteries open the door to hybrid systems

First marine lithium-polymer batteries with Lloyds Certificate Dutch company ESTechnologies has introduced what it says are the first marine lithium-polymer batteries with Lloyd's Certificate. The battery range is designed and certified for marine applications and large energy storage systems.Lithium polymer batteries are claimed to be cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are said to be particularly suited to onboard energy storage, leading to optimised power management, reduced fuel costs and lower CO2 emissions.The special properties of lithium polymer cells allow energy to be stored more efficiently, due to the chemical composition of the battery, using non corrosive chemicals, which guarantees long lifetime and little wear, while the polymer technology allows very high efficiency and low impedance. These features combine to offer a long lifetime, typically involving over 5,000 charge / discharge cycles.ESTechnologies has developed 51.8 VDC battery blocks with a capacity of 100Ah or 200Ah, comprising 14 large single cells instead of the more common hundreds of small cells.Alongside the battery range, ESTechnologies has designed a battery management system with constantly active balancing. This balances energy between cells within one battery unit, or between cells of different battery units connected in one system, with minimal losses. Each module uses its ...

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First hybrid turbocharged bulk carrier

The hybrid turbocharger contributes to a further reduction of CO2 emissions Japanese shipowner Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) has taken delivery of a new 180,000dwt 292m bulk carrier,Shin Koho, at the Universal Shipbuilding Corporation's Tsu Shipyard.The 93,031gt Shin Koho is claimed to be the first ship to be fitted with a hybrid turbocharger. This system was jointly developed by four Japanese companies, ie: NYK, the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI), the Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The 292m long, 45m wide newbuilding will transport iron ore from Australia and other countries.In addition to the normal turbocharger's function of using waste energy to boost the output power of the engine by enabling it to aspirate at a higher level, a hybrid turbocharger uses the extra rotational power generated by the turbine to generate electrical power. According to NYK,Shin Koho can meet all its onboard electric power requirements for normal operation by using a hybrid turbocharger instead of diesel generators and by reducing the use of the diesel generator, the hybrid turbocharger contributes to a further reduction of CO2 emissions.The technology development of the hybrid turbocharger has been selected as a subsidised project by the Japanese ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and ...

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