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NZ unions urge for action over alleged Fiji trafficking claims

Following the police's investigation into the potential human trafficking of dozens of Filipino seafarers in the country's shipping industry, New Zealand transport workers’ unions are calling on their government to put Fiji on notice. To remind, Fijian authorities launched an investigation into a ferry operator's allegedly ongoing abusive treatment of dozens of Filipino seafarers. In fact, ITF reported that staff at Goundar Shipping tried to confiscate a number of seafarers’ passports and other documents upon beginning work with the company. Investigations by unions have uncovered allegations of widespread abuse, underpayment, unsafe conditions, and even of human trafficking and slavery, in New Zealand’s own backyard. ...said Paul Tolich, chair of the ITF New Zealand National Coordinating Committee. In addition, Mr Tolich said that New Zealand unions welcomed news that a Police investigation has finally been launched, but that fears of a potential whitewash remain once the seafarers leave the country back to the Philippines. "I am writing on behalf of our affiliates to the New Zealand ministers of Foreign Affairs and Workplace Relations, urging them to raise the seafarers’ case immediately with their counterparts in Suva. Fiji needs to know that, as New Zealanders, we expect a thorough investigation of the ...

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Thailand enters Work in Fishing Convention

Thailand is the first country in Asia to accept the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188), that protects the living and working conditions of fishers onboard vessels. The Convention has specific requirements related to work on board fishing vessels, including occupational safety and health, medical care at sea and ashore, rest periods, written work agreements, and social security protection.

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