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Let’s talk about human factors: Key considerations to move forward

During last SAFETY4SEA Forum, a dedicated panel of experts discussed about key challenges with regards to human factors and best practices to enhance safety culture and safety learning. Human factor is what drives shipping; by identifying seafarers’ training needs and skills and finding ways to mitigate risks onboard, we can ensure sustainable performance for the industry, panelists agreed.

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IMO: Digitalization paves the way for smarter and greener shipping

In an exclusive interview to SAFETY4SEA, Dr. Heike Deggim, Director, Maritime Safety Division, IMO, says that smart ships will change fundamentally ship operations and highlights that human element remains on top of IMO’s agenda. In that regard, STCW Convention and Code is under review to keep training requirements up-to-date while MLC will take into account lessons learned during the pandemic to ensure seafarers welfare under critical conditions.

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What is the biggest obstacle for the social life onboard?

Stay tuned for the results!