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The path to maximum hull efficiency

During the 2019 GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Tom H. Evensen, Sales Director for Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions and Mr. Manolis Levantis, Analyst Manager, focused on hull performance for ships. Mr. Evensen and Mr. Levantis highlighted the major impact that such a feature has on a vessel’s efficiency. They also noted that in order to achieve the ideal hull efficiency, proper surface preparations are vital.

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IUMI: Marine insurance results remain under pressure

During IUMI's conference in Cape Town, Astrid Seltmann, Vice Chair of the IUMI Facts and Figures Committee gave updates on the macroeconomic environment and shipping market and the global marine insurance market. As IUMI stated the market environment is improving in all fields. Yet, sustainability of results can only be maintained by a risk evaluation taking into account all risk aspects.

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