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ITF survey reveals need for seafarer HIV and wellbeing action

Many myths about HIV transmission remain - worries about weight, depression and alcohol use ITF has published a report entitled as '''A broader vision of seafarer wellbeing: survey of ITF maritime affiliates on HIV/AIDS, health and wellbeing'' based on a survey where34 trade unions and 608 seafarers were questioned. The survey highlights the need for continuing work on HIV/AIDS and wellbeing among seafarers.The results may be surprising:Despite all the work that has gone into education about HIV/AIDS, many myths about its transmission remain:only 17 percent of respondents believed condoms are effective in preventing it 46 percent believe it can be spread in food and drink. there are high levels of anxiety about working with HIV-positive workmates, an attitude the ITF is committed to eliminating by ensuring that seafarers have correct information about HIV risk. Other major findingsreporting worries about weight, depression and alcohol use.On average half of them were worried about their weight,almost 60 percent experience back/joint pain at workIn one labour supplying country 75 percent know workmates who are depressed.Between six and 41 percent, depending on country, knew workmates who had considered suicide.ITF maritime coordinator Jacqueline Smith explained: We believe this is the most exhaustive current investigation into this ...

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