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Key Sustainability Challenges for the Maritime Industry

Danish Maritime sees sustainability challenges for the maritime sector as commercial rather than technical. Solutions are available either in the market or as proven pilot projects, but wide implementation is lagging due to split incentives and delays in legislation, argues Jenny Braat. 

Hamburg Süd, Electrolux team up to reduce port emissions

During its layovers in Manzanillo, Callao, Iquique and Puerto Angamos, between 11 and 24 March, the 7,114 TEU boxship ‘Santa Catarina’ voluntarily used MGO to operate its auxiliary engines and boilers, instead of standard HFO, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in ports. In these ports, switching fuel is not mandatory.

Maersk supports non-compliant marine fuel ban

Danish container ship and logistics giant Maersk Line has hailed the joint call of shipping industry players and environmental groups, earlier this week, for a ban on HFO carriage, according to the company’s COO, Søren Toft.

Governments urged for stricter marine pollution policies

At the 2017 UN Ocean Conference being held in New York this week, UN asks countries to support a ‘zero draft’ Call To Action, which stands for an acceleration of “actions to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds”. This means that governments must implement tighter marine pollution controls or risk further degradation of the oceans, fish stocks and ecosystems.

Hamburg Süd, Electrolux promote green shipping in Chile

Hamburg Süd announced that cooperated with its Swedish customer Electrolux to launch a joint pilot project, in order to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in the Port of Iquique in Chile. Thanks to switching to lower sulfur content of MGO, around 95 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions will be saved for the Electrolux cargo, in this port of call.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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