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220 pounds of ocean trash inside dead sperm whale

About 220 pounds of tangled netting, rope, debris and plastic have been found inside the belly of a dead whale, near to a Scottish beach. The dead sperm whale was found from a local whale research group on November 30, on Luskentyre Beach in the Outer Hebrides.

U.S Energy Department to boost plastic recycling technology

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is launching a new program called “the Plastics Innovation Challenge”, in order to enhance innovation in the energy-efficient plastics recycling technology. The use of plastics may plays an major role in modern life, but its results of plastic waste are rapidly increasing, harming rivers, oceans, and landfills.

Watch: Ocean Cleanup presents new catcher debris device

The Ocean Cleanup, which goals to clean 90% of the ocean plastic pollution, developed a new technology system and launched an innovative automated device called “The Interceptor”. This device will catch the plastic before it flows deep into the ocean and stop the new plastic that enter from the rivers. 


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