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Marine life at risk because of ocean oxygen loss

An increasing phenomenon threatening the fish species and disrupting ecosystems in analysed in the newly launched “Ocean deoxygenation: Everyone’s problem” report, highlighting the dangers caused by the deoxygenation in the marine environment.

U.S Energy Department to boost plastic recycling technology

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is launching a new program called “the Plastics Innovation Challenge”, in order to enhance innovation in the energy-efficient plastics recycling technology. The use of plastics may plays an major role in modern life, but its results of plastic waste are rapidly increasing, harming rivers, oceans, and landfills.

EU research and innovation projects for a more sustainable world

The European Union is taking great steps towards sustainability and protection of the environment, through a variety of EU-funded projects; EU’s effort in environmental protection includes research and innovation, to help achieve healthy, clean oceans and seas by 2030.

Vessels’ speed limits to have positive impact on the environment

A newly-launched study focuses on the importance of reducing shipping emissions and its benefits in favour of humans’ health, nature and the environment by reducing vessels’ speed. The report highlights that a 20% reduction in vessels’ speed would decrease GHG emissions, as well as curb pollutants that pose great risks on human health, as black carbon and nitrogen oxides.

Retired cruise ship sinks, added to artificial reef

The Delaware State Division of Fish and Wildlife, got the retired cruise ship American Glory and sunk it 16.5 nautical miles off Indian River Inlet, adding another sunken vessel in their artificial reef program. The 200-foot ship got lifted by Norfolk,Virginia-based marine contractor Coleen Marine, which also prepared it for the reef.

Watch: Ocean Cleanup presents new catcher debris device

The Ocean Cleanup, which goals to clean 90% of the ocean plastic pollution, developed a new technology system and launched an innovative automated device called “The Interceptor”. This device will catch the plastic before it flows deep into the ocean and stop the new plastic that enter from the rivers. 

UK leads the 30by30 initiative in protection of the ocean

The UK announced in late September a new global alliance, 30by30 initiative, which aims to alert on ocean’s safety and protection of its wildlife, while pushing for at least a 30% of the global ocean to be protected in Marine Protected Areas by 2030.

Norway acquires tech-centre to focus on ocean protection

The World Economic Forum collaborates with Aker group, presenting the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Norway (C4IR Norway) aiming to harness advances in technology in protection of the oceans and improve shipping’s environmental footprint. 

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