hazardous weather at sea

Ferry hits rocky island off Skiathos harbour, Greece

Greece’s most recent winter storm dubbed Hephaestion disrupting shipping operations, resulted to a ferry running on the rocks of a small island in Skiathos harbor in the Aegean sea, as the harsh winds and challenging waves made the vessel hard-to-navigate.

Heavy weather disrupts shipping in Greece

A wave of significantly cold weather with high winds and rain in Greece has disrupted shipping and left the islands of the Aegean cut off for several days as ferry boats stayed moored. With temperatures ranging close to zero, most ships remained docked at ports across the country.

Lessons Learned: Not being safely clipped on tether leads to fatal accident

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on an incident on a yacht which was into a 10-day ocean passage when it encountered a sudden increase in wind strength during hours of darkness. As the sea conditions deteriorated rapidly, the crew began reefing the main sail in order to reduce the yacht’s sail area; head sails needed to be lowered as well. After the main sail had been reefed, one of the crew was sent below to get extra help from the off-watch crew. The crew member started helping in the cockpit with preparations for lowering the headsails, while she had not yet been clipped on her tether to one of the yacht’s jackstays.

JTSB investigation: Dragging anchor leads to collision with seawall

While anchored in Yokohama, Keihin Port, a cargo ship dragged the anchor, drifted toward to the northeast, and collided with the seawall at Ogishima, Kawasaki section. Typhoon No. 24 was approaching. The Japan Transport Safety Board issued an investigation report on the incident. 

Princess of the Orient: Erroneous maneuvering leads to deadly sinking

The Philippines has a long history of fatal maritime accidents. This time, SAFETY4SEA focuses on the deadly sinking of the ‘Princess of the Orient’. The ferry sank off Fortune Island, near the provinces of Cavite and Batangas, on September 18, 1998, claiming the lives of 150 people. Extreme weather conditions, along with ‘’erroneous maneuvering of the vessel by the captain’’, were the immediate causes of the accident.

Watch: Hellenic CG rescues 14 crew from listing cargo ship

The Hellenic Coast Guard conducted a rescue operation on Wednesday, December 4, to evacuate 14 crewmembers from the Liberian-flagged general cargo “New Leo” as the vessel was seriously listing, posing great risk for the seafarers onboard.

Cargo ship sinks off Vietnam, Captain dies

The Captain of the Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Toan Phat 68 died after the ship reportedly sank in South China sea, a few nautical miles off the Qui Nhon port in central Vietnam, in the morning hours of Saturday.