hazardous weather at sea

Watch: Hellenic CG rescues 14 crew from listing cargo ship

The Hellenic Coast Guard conducted a rescue operation on Wednesday, December 4, to evacuate 14 crewmembers from the Liberian-flagged general cargo “New Leo” as the vessel was seriously listing, posing great risk for the seafarers onboard.

Watch: Cargo ship breaks off moorings in Greek port amid heavy winds

A big disruption was caused Sunday morning at the Greek Port of Serifos, in the Aegean Sea, involving the general cargo ship ‘Syros Wind’. The video, uploaded by local media, depicts weather conditions with strong southern winds that made the ship to break off its moorings. 

Watch: Dramatic rescues from cruise ship adrift in Norwegian sea

The luxury cruise ship ‘Viking Sky’ arrived at the port of Molde on Norway’s west coast Sunday, after narrowly escaping disaster when its engines failed during a storm in the Norwegian sea. A total of 1,400 passengers and crew were onboard at that time.

Watch: HM Coast Guard rescues six fishermen off Lands End

On March 12, during night hours the HM Coastguard rescued six crewmembers from a disabled fishing vessel off Lands End in challenging weather conditions. All six members were airlifted, whereas the Coastguard continues monitoring the drifting vessel.

Watch: Heavy winds knock down containers at Port of Antwerp

This video, filmed on March 10, at the Port of Antwerp depicts strong winds of 12 Beaufort hitting the Port Of Antwerp last week, knocking down containers on the dock. As the winds were so strong, the video depicts a 40-foot ONE container being blown out from a stack of containers and being thrown into the water.

Watch: Fuel removal began for grounded Efe Murat off Italy

As Guardia Costiera posted, its crewmembers began removing fuel from the Turkish cargo vessel called ‘Efe Murat’ off Bari, Italy. Up to now, there have been no reports concerning pollution. Yet, it is alleged that the vessel has been holed in several places and is taking on water.

Watch: Turkish cargo vessel aground due to storm

The Turkish cargo ship Efe Murat, ran aground on a breakwater off Bari, Italy, continued listing since the incident on February 23. Up to now, there are no reports for water pollution. Yet, there’s a possibility that the 37 tonnes of oil aboard the vessel cold easily lead to fatal environmental results.

Watch: Ferries collision in Italy

The ferries Don Peppino and Benito Buono collided with each other in Ischia port, Italy, on February 23. The incident took place due to stormy weather conditions at the port, with both ships sustaining minor damages. Benito Buono was struck at its the stern as the ship was berthing. As for Don Peppino, it continued its voyage to Naples despite bow damage.

Watch: Ships in sea during storms

This video provides a compilation of ships struggling with big waves during storms. Ships in storms can be a scary but spectacular sight. However, a ship’s master should always be aware of the weather forecast when moves in dangerous areas and be ready to appropriately handle the vessel.

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