Hapag Lloyd: Inclusion of first non-EU yards positive, but more is needed

Normally, when a ship is recycled in an environmentally friendly way, the workers conducting the job must wear protective clothing, helmets and safety glasses. They should also use oxy-fuel torches to cut through the thick steal piece by piece down to the keel area of the ship. Nevertheless, ships are often disassembled on beaches by people who such clothing or take any other safety measures, Hapag Lloyd notes.

New initiative launched to improve ship recycling

The parties that participate decided this initiative as ship recycling standards and transparency are insufficient. This causes bad practices which are not punished, and good practices that are not rewarded. Shipbreaking is often carried out with few safety controls, increasing the risk to health and safety.

Hapag-Lloyd recycles seven containerships

Hapag-Lloyd informed that it will recycle seven containerships, complying with environmental regulations, in certified shipyards. Namely, Hapag-Lloyd is currently having seven older container ships, with a capacity of 4,101 TEU, which are being recycled in Turkey and China. The respective shipyards are especially equipped and certified to recycle ships in an environmentally friendly manner.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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