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Piracy on the Rise in West Africa

A crime that costs the global economy 12 billion dollars a year Special Forces have made a major dent in piracy off the coast of Somalia. But after 2 tankers are attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, analysts fear the pirates may be moving to new hunting grounds in West Africa.By sea and air, the world's finest military forces are hunting for pirates off the lawless Horn of Africa.This is a crime that costs the global economy 12 billion dollars a year.And now it looks like commanders may be getting results.The British navy says warships have stopped every hijacking attempt in the Gulf of Aden for almost a year.But according to Tracy Peverett from the International Maritime Organisation, this could be just a lull-during the monsoon storms.

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IMB issues warning for tanker chased by a speed boat in the West Africa

The speed boat followed the tanker and finally the speed boat aborted the attempt The INTERNATIONAL MARITIME BUREAU (IMB) has issued the following warning:On 19 July 2011 at 2035 LT in position 0832S - 01218E, 60 NM of Luanda, Angola, a tanker underway was chased by a speed boat that tried to approach to the tankers port side. The tanker took evasive manoeuvres and increased speed to maximum. The speed boat followed the tanker and finally at 2155 LT the speed boat aborted the attempt.Vessels are warned that if passing through this area they are to exercise extreme caution. This area will remain high risk for the next 24-48 hours. The Maritime Administrator would take this opportunity to again urge all vessels operating in High Risk Areas to actively implement appropriate recommended Best Management Practices for anti-piracy measures as follows:Continue to maintain a heightened state of awareness; Maintain strict 24 hour anti-piracy visual and radar watches; and Report all attacks and suspicious sightings to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre ([email protected], +603-2031-0014).Source: IMB

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Italian oil ship seized by pirates in Gulf of Guinea

Three of the pirates succeeded to jump on the ship and take control of it An Italian ship carrying diesel fuel was seized by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea on Sunday, local media reported.A total of 23 crew members, including two Italian sailors, 20 Filipinos and a Rumanian captain, were on board the ship when it was intercepted and assaulted by the pirates, state television Rai and ANSA news agency said.According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, the alarm was launched early in the morning when the vessel was sailing some 23 miles off from the Benin coast.Three of the pirates succeeded to jump on the ship and take control of it.The vessel "Rbd Anima e Core" belonged to a shipping company from Naples.The Foreign Ministry crisis unit is closely monitoring the situation together with Naples port authorities.Several Italian ships have been seized by pirates in recent months.Source: Xinhua

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Security advisory for Gulf of Guinea and surrounding ports and waterways

Attacks have been increasing off Cotonou Over the months of May and June 2011 attacks have been increasing off Cotonou, where vessels (especially tankers) have been reported hijacked for a few days.The hijacked vessels are forced to rendezvous with other local barges upon which cargo is stolen.As a reminder to members, the current security advisory for the Gulf of Guinea ishereby reproduced in BIMCO's security news.Introduction - the threats The Gulf of Guinea and the surrounding ports and waterways suffer from a substantial amount of maritime criminal activity, ranging from illegal fishing to piracy and militant activity against commercial assets. Piracy and maritime militant activity is particularly prevalent in the waters off Nigeria and in the Niger Delta. It ranges from simple boarding and robbery - especially in the waters off Lagos and within its ports - to attacks on ships and offshore facilities and the hijacking of vessels for ransom - most notable in the area near the Niger Delta.Robbers/pirates in the area sometimes wears uniforms. The behaviour of the robbers/pirates is often very violent towards the crew, because the purpose of the crime is to rob the valuables of the ship and crew, and normally not to hold ...

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Piracy activities in West Africa

Alert by IMP Piracy Reporting Centre IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) issues the following information alerts regarding piracy activities in West Africa..Benin: On 15 June 2011, a tanker was hijacked off Cotonou, Benin. The pirates forced the Master to sail to an unknown location. The pirates stole ships properties and left the tanker after almost a day later. Attacks are increasing off Cotonou. Vessels, especially tankers, such as this one, are reported being hijacked for a few days. Crews are forced to rendezvous with other local barges and cargo is stolen. Crews are also injured due to the increase in the violence. Ships are advised to take extra precautions and maintain appropriate anti piracy Best Management Practices.Conakry (Guinea): Pirates armed with automatic weapons are violent and aggressive in the attacks. In some attacks, pirates are dressed in military uniforms.Douala Outer Anchorage (Cameroon): Two attacks with kidnapping of crews have occurred at Douala.Nigeria: Attacks are occurring mainly in Lagos and in the Bonny river. Heavily armed pirates target ships underway along the coast and river including anchorages and within port areas. In some cases crew members have been kidnapped. Pirates are violent, and in recent incidents reports crews have been injured. ...

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