Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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EU NAVFOR requests image or video taken during an incident, if possible

Ships sailing through or operating in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden (GOA) are advised to refer to the Industry Releasable Threat Bulletin (IRTB) issued by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR), to be informed of an incident that took place in the GOA, in advance of the publication of their next quarterly Industry Releasable Threat Assessment (IRTA). 

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ONE ship saves six from sinking vessel at Gulf of Aden

On 20 June 2019, an Ocean Network Express (ONE) operated vessel, the 'NYK Eagle', took part in a combined rescue operation, rescuing 6 crew members from a sinking coastal vessel in the Eastern Gulf of Aden. As ONE informed, 'NYK Eagle' was navigating the ocean when it received a request from CMF to help a small coastal vessel which was sinking, as 'NYK Eagle' was closest to the vessel in question.

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Maritime Security Status: Latest Updates

While speaking at the last SAFETY4SEA Conference in Cyprus, Mr. Dimitris Maniatis, Chief Commercial Officer, Diaplous Maritime Services, provided a recap of the current maritime security status, focusing on key high risk areas, such as the Indian Ocean region and West African waters. For the Gulf of Guinea, he stressed, Piracy and Maritime Aggression is never ending.

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