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Guidance on high moisture content cargo

The Gard recently informed that even if it may be impossible for crew to estimate the particle size of the cargo carried, the crew can watch out for signs of high moisture content with the aim to ensure safety.

Guide on container’s certification for safely securing cargoes

ABS has issued a guide for the certification of container securing systems advising that when special containers are used for unique cargoes that have reduced or increased load capacities, limitations should be considered when stowing them onboard ship and when determining permissible tier and container stack weights.

Preventing stowaways on board

Panama’s Ship Registry provides guidance on operators regarding ways to implement the necessary security measures to prevent stowaway’s access either at sea or on arrival. As the guidance says, when a stowaway is discovered, this is an indication of a failure in the implementation of the Ship Security Plan.

Ensuring safe navigation during GPS outage

The US Coast Guard advised mariners on how to achieve safe navigation in case of GPS interference, as approximately 20 vessels transiting the northeast portion of the Black Sea have experienced such cases from June 2017.

How to secure safety when accessing vessels

As it has recently dealt with several claims involving access to vessels, the Shipowners’ Club issued a guide for the safe embarkation and disembarkation from vessels and gangway installation, to prevent injuries and even fatalities.

UK MCA issues guidance for alongside fumigation operations

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued a marine notice to highlight the importance of fumigation being undertaken by professionally trained personnel, in line with guidance published by the Health and Safety Executive and the IMO.

ABS improves bulker loading safety

ABS has introduced a new service and analysis tool, that is expected to allow atypical cargoes on bulk carriers. The software streamlines loading analysis and provides a safer approach to loading atypical bulk cargo.

ABS expands guidance for fire protection on container ships

ABS has updated its Guide for Fire-Fighting Systems for On-Deck Cargo Areas of Container Carriers, expanding the guidance to the existing container ship fleet. The guide aims to support owners in navigating risks, based on the unique characteristics of each container load, location of the container on the vessel and various firefighting spray patterns.

West Club informs about 'Notices of Readiness'

West of England P&I Club issued a guide, in order to inform operators about the Notice of Readiness (“NOR”). NOR is a notification by the vessel that she is ready to start the charter service (upon delivery) or is ready to load or discharge cargo and aims to inform the charterers that the vessel is at their disposal, as well as to start the running of hire or laytime.

New guidance on LGC Storage Service launched

ABS has issued guidance notes regarding the LGC Storage Service. This Guide is applicable to liquefied gas carriers that may for certain periods be used for storage service while they maintain their appropriate liquefied gas carrier classification.


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