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Vessel grounded off Kos

The Cook Islands-flagged cargo vessel ‘Von Perle’ grounded in the area of Ammoglossa, Kos, Greece, on March 1st. At the time of the incident, the ship was carrying 8 crewmembers, all of whom are healthy. No pollution was reported neither.

Brazil takes action to prevent spill from Stellar Banner

The Brazilian Navy informs that it collaborates with the Ports of Maranhão (CPMA), Vale S.A, Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), Federal Police, Ardent Global, Environmental Management of Porto do Itaqui, State Secretariat for the Environment and Resources (SEMA) and Maritime Agents, to prevent pollution from the listing Stellar Banner.

VLOC develops severe list off Brazil after running aground

A giant VLOC loaded with iron ore experienced trouble off the coast of Brazil, raising fears that the vessel could sink. Namely, ‘Stellar Banner’ developed a severe list to starboard on February 25, after leaving the Vale-owned Ponta da Madeira terminal in São Luís, Brazil.

Cargo vessel grounds on channel buoys as no one monitors vessel position

The Swedish Club presents another collision incidents from its Navigational Claims issue, according to which a dry cargo vessel collided on channel buoys, as none of the seafarers onboard were checking the position of the vessel on the chart, radar, or by any other means than visually.

Marine contractors board ghost ship grounded in Ireland

Cork County Council’s marine contractor boarded the ghost ship that ran aground on Cork coast during Storm Dennis. It is believed that the ship had been drifting for more than a year, passing the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Ghost ship runs aground in Ireland

A ghost ship washed ashore in Ireland after more than a year at sea. Namely, public was warned away from MV Alta, which ran aground on Cork coast during Storm Dennis. It is believed that the ship had been drifting for more than a year, passing the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Lawsuit filed regarding Golden Ray’s wreck removal operation

Attorneys for salvors Donjon-SMIT filed a lawsuit against the USCG last week, aiming to stop salvage operations that are currently underway for the capsized car carrier Golden Ray. The lawsuit relates to USCG’s decision to allow the vessel owner to tender for third-party contractors who were not part of the approved response plan, to dismantle the ship on fixed-price instead of cost-plus terms.

Watch: USCG airlifts crew from grounded fishing vessel

On February 7, Friday, a USCG helicopter aircrew came to the rescue and airlifted four men after their fishing vessel ran aground near Shackleford Banks, North Carolina, a few miles from Cape Lookout. Overall, there have been no injuries reported or any signs of pollution. Yet, the USCG will closely monitor the grounded vessel and conduct salvage operations. 

USCG oversees removal of pollutants from grounded vessel off Hilo

According to a recent statement, US Coast Guard responders are working to remove potential pollutants from the 63-foot fishing vessel Midway Island, which ran aground off Hilo. In fact, the USCG is working with the Department of Land and Natural Resources and contractor personnel to mitigate the potential pollution threat from the vessel. Reportedly, a maximum potential of 1,800 gallons of diesel and two marine batteries are aboard.


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