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Retrofitting a scrubber, a shipowner’ s experience

DFDS operates one of Europe's largest integrated shipping and logistics networks, offering comprehensive supply chain and shipping solutions to customers. DFDS is in the forefront of scrubber retrofit actually because we have some good background for doing that. We own a number of the ships we operate and therefore, we are able to control the long-term deployment and have knowledge of our activities inside the SECA. We have the money, and don't underestimate this because you'll find it very difficult to find financing for scrubbers, it does not really add to the value of a ship and financial institutions intend to like some kind of collateral, however your ship value will not increase. We also think that the scrubbers are better than MGO for the environment so we have a next top added benefit here. In the past, we installed the first system already back in 2009, we installed three more last year, we've also installed one already this year, we actually have two ships in dry dock right now to be installed with more scrubbers and in total this year we will do seven and will probably do another seven in 2015. We have set aside about 100 million ...

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Arctic Shipping Developments

First things first, when talking about Arctic shipping, firstly, we need to define the area we are talking about : Arctic is considered the Polar Region north of Arctic Circle, (the 66° 33 parallel) including two shipping roads: the Northern Sea Route (NSR) the one close to Russia shore and the Northwest Passage (NWP) close to the Canadian Shore. According to traffic statistics prior to 2010 there was no commercial traffic in the region, however due to climate change, there has been a substantial change leading to 71 transits for the 2013 season. Shorter roads are making these transits more attractive as distances may be shorter 1,000 miles or more on the NWP or 3,500 miles on the NSR as it may be seen in relevant figure: Historic Firsts in Arctic Shipping First foreign ship to transit NSR: Heavy lifts MV Foresight & MV Fraternity operated by Beluga Shipping Group in 2009 Largest tanker to cross NSR: MV Baltica (100,000 DWT) operated by Sovcomflot First foreign ship to cross the NSR: MV Nordic Barents operated by Nordic Bulk carriers First passenger ship to transit NSR: Russian state owned Georg Ots First Suezmax Supertanker through NSR: MV Vladimir Thikonov (162,000 DWT) operated ...

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Dorian probes green energy logistics

Dorian LPG announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU"), with HNA Logistics Group Co. (HNA Logistics) to explore opportunities in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) logistics market. John Hadjipateras, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, "We are very pleased to form a strategic relationship with HNA Logistics. Their unique presence in the Chinese market creates opportunities to develop energy related transportation, finance, infrastructure and distribution. We will focus our efforts in this important market to forge relationships with Chinese LPG ship charterers and LPG end users." "The MOU with Dorian LPG presents a significant opportunity for our company to collaborate with a leader in the LPG industry." Director and Vice President of HNA Logistics, Mr. Ximen "Steve" Chen, commented, "We will jointly engage in the development of green energy logistics which includes LPG vessel investment, gas supply chain solutions and infrastructure in the Chinese market, with the ultimate goal of together building an LPG distribution business in China to take advantage of the significant opportunities for growth in the global LPG industry." Separately, Dorian LPG announced that it has taken delivery of the eco VLGC "Comet" from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd in Ulsan, South ...

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