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MAN : Supporting the use of LPG propulsion

During the 2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Mr. Peter Quaade, Manager, Head of Dual Fuel Technology group, MAN Energy Solutions, presented the benefits that a ME-LGIP engine offers, such as supporting the use of LPG for propulsion of large merchant marine vessels, giving also potential for global bunkering network as smaller LPG carriers can be used for STS bunker operations. These are designed to be dual fuelled with LPG as the low-flashpoint fuel, he explained.

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What next for IMO on the decarbonisation of international shipping?

During the 2023 GREEN4SEA Forum, Dr. Edmund Hughes, Director, Green Marine Associates, presented key issues to be resolved on the Revision of the IMO GHG Strategy at MEPC 80 in July. He briefly mentioned the current status of IMO negotiations and provided an overview of proposed technical and economic measures being considered by IMO including ways to encourage the uptake of alternative low-/zero-carbon fuels.

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