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Lloyd’s Register’s Hellenic Advisory Committee opens debate on measures to curb emissions

International measures for shipping emissions are needed Christian Breinholt, Deputy Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority was a guest speaker at the meeting. He made the case for the Danish proposal for a greenhouse gas convention introducing Market Based Measures for shipping.Looking for support from Greek owners he presented the mechanics and philosophy of the International Green House Gas Fund - a market based measure to address IMO's 'equal treatment' requirements with the UNFCCC's 'common but differentiated responsibilities' approach. It will take years to develop an international convention he said so we need to start now. 'From our perspective, we need a single, dedicated, mechanism for the global industry'. Mr. Breinholt said that the Danish proposal is becoming widely supported within the industry.One of Mr. Breinholt's comments, using Lloyd's Register research, was that without some form of market based measures, in the context of anticipated growth in trade even with massive energy efficiency improvements, shipping will be unable to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Breinholt was persuasive and his comments were listened to with great interest by the committee.Lloyd's Register provided updates on shipbuilding activity world-wide, insight into efficient ship designs, as well as technical and operational ...

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Maran Tankers hosts environmental benchmarking workshop in Athens

INTERTANKO Environmental Benchmarking scheme Maran Tankers Management this week hosted a workshop aimed at agreeing aspects on which to base an INTERTANKO Environmental Benchmarking scheme.Bringing together expertise from within the INTERTANKO Membership, primarily from ISTEC and the Environmental Committee, nine representatives from Member companies gathered in Athens to agree on a set of calculations and formulas that can be used by Member companies to collect data on agreed environmental aspects. The data will then be uploaded into an INTERTANKO database allowing Member companies to benchmark the environmental aspects against INTERTANKO fleet averages.Brainstorming all the possible environmental aspects from tanker shipping, the workshop participants narrowed down the list into quantitative and qualitative aspects which they felt were important indicators of environmental performance. These ranged from more common indicators such as the EEOI and NOx emissions to more management-driven aspects such as environmental compliance and management.Additional subjects such as ballast water management, ship recycling and anti-fouling systems have also been considered with proposed indicators.The report and proposals from the workshop will now be forwarded to ISTEC and the Environmental Committee for their consideration and approval when they meet in March 2012.Source : INTERTANKO

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INTERTANKO Ballast Water Guide launched in Athens

Selection and Installation of Ballast Water Management Systems for Tankers INTERTANKO's Ballast Water Treatment Technology Guide launched earlier this week in Athens. Twenty member companies were represented at the launch which involved a seminar and Q&A session on ballast water treatment technology and compliance, moderated by INTERTANKO Senior Manager - Environment, Tim Wilkins.INTERTANKO's Guide to the Selection and Installation of Ballast Water Management Systems for Tankers has been developed to assist tanker owners during the selection, assessment and installation of Ballast Water Management (BWM) systems for existing and newbuilding tankers. It has been developed using experience and guidance from INTERTANKO Members on the Environmental Committee and INTERTANKO's Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC). It is therefore the product of research by several separate tanker operating companies and their technical teams who have been through the process of considering which BWM systems are appropriate for the tankers within their fleet.One of the key elements in tackling the problem of proper selection and installation of BWM systems on board tankers is the gathering of information. INTERTANKO Members identified early on that neither the information from the BWM manufacturers, nor that from the classification societies as technical bodies, was sufficient to base a ...

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Maritime safety- Commission sends reasoned opinion to four Member States

To communicate what measures they were takingre accidents at sea The European Commission today sent reasoned opinions to Austria, Greece, Poland and the United Kingdom for their failure to communicate what measures they were taking to transpose Directive2009/18/EC on the investigation of accidents at sea.This is the normal procedure in the event of a persistent failure to communicate such measures despite having received formal notice. Sending a reasoned opinion is the last step in the procedure before possibly taking a matter to the Court of Justice.The EU rulesDirective2009/18/EC lays down the basic principles governing investigations into accidents in the maritime transport sector. It requires Member States to bring into force the necessary legislative, regulatory and administrative implementing provisions before 17June2011.The practical consequences of non-transpositionDirective2009/18/EC aims to improve maritime safety and better prevent pollution from ships by requiring Member States to organise safety investigations after serious accidents at sea. The purpose of these investigations, which are separate from any criminal investigations and are carried out by independent bodies, is to establish what has caused the accidents and draw lessons to improve maritime safety in the future. If they fail to take the necessary measures, Member States prevent such arrangements from being ...

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Greece To Allow Armed Guards On Cargo Ships Against Piracy

The legislation will enable the hiring of a minimum of six guards per ship Greece will let its large commercial fleet employ armed guards to ward against a surge in pirate attacks, the ministry in charge of security said on Friday, satisfying a long-standing shipowner demand."To improve safe sailing and crew safety aboard Greek ships crossing seas with increased piracy cases, an initiative has been taken to draft legislation for the embarkation of armed individuals on commercial ships," the ministry said.The legislation will enable the hiring of a minimum of six guards per ship on six-month contracts that can be renewed, a ministry source said.The new arrangement will mainly apply to Greek-flagged ships but could be extended to vessels sailing through Greek waters, the source told AFP.This modification will enable Greek-owned ships flying flags of convenience - around 500 vessels according to the union of Greek captains - to also be eligible.Greek authorities had initially resisted shipowner calls to beef up security, a move opposed by crews fearing the presence of armed guards will ultimately only result in pirates switching to heavier weaponry to secure their prize."This measure threatens to set off an arms race with the pirates," said George ...

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Greeks turn out in force for North P&I Club’s seminar on cargo liquefaction

Cargo liquefaction continues to be a serious physical and economic hazard for shipping Around 120 members of the Greek shipping community attended a seminar on cargo liquefaction hosted by the Piraeus office of the 150 million GT 'A' rated North P&I club.According to associate director and head of the Greek office, Tony Allen, 'Cargo liquefaction continues to be a serious physical and economic hazard for shipping worldwide and the high turnout last night shows it remains a particular concern for our Greek owners and operators'.The event at the Piraeus Marine Club focused on the safety, regulatory and practical issues which arise when shipping cargoes prone to liquefy together with the legal and commercial aspects facing masters when suspect cargoes are presented for loading.Allen told delegates, 'North recognises and continues to support the ongoing efforts of its members to ensure the safety of their vessels and crews when shipping cargoes likely to liquefy. We will continue in conjunction with the International Group of P&I Clubs and other industry bodies such as Intercargo and BIMCO to promote prudent and safe practice.'He confirmed North is fully committed to supporting the International Group's initiatives to put pressure on local shippers and authorities in countries ...

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Cargo ship ran aground at Greek Island

There has not been reported inflow or injury so far Cargo ship ran aground during last night at rocks of the southeast area of Greek island, Syros. The cause is still unknown and there has not been reported inflow or injury.The Marshall Islands flag ship "Cafer Dede" , departed with a crew of 19 members from the area Aliagka Turkey, was bound for Salerno, Italy.Coast Guard hastened to the area for help . According to information so far, there is no risk for the crew.Photo of "Cafer Dede" ran aground at Syros Island

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Pirates differ over MT Liquid Velvet status

Pirate rumor mill goes crazy as Pirate groups fight over ransom negotiations Claims that at least six Somali pirates were killed and three others were captured by the crew of the Greek owned MT Liquid Velvet chemical tanker which was hijacked last week, are up for debate due to infighting among pirates, according to several pirates who spoke to Somalia Report."Six of our colleagues were killed by the hostages who escaped while the ship was coming to the coastal city of Harardhere in Mudug region. We will retaliate against our enemy," said Abdi, a pirate.Abdi explained that the fighting broke out when the pirates were trying to search the pockets of the crew.Dahir Aden Shuriye, who claimed to be a relative of one of the dead pirates, confirmed the incident and told Somalia Report that the ship signaled NATO a few minutes after the clash ended.Mohamed Ahmed, a pirate source, disputes the claims and said no fight broke out and that the pirates were chewing khat, a stimulant herb, when they spoke to Somalia Report, suggesting that the pirates were impaired.Mohamed Ahmed also said that a number of pirates in the Harardere and Garacad area made up the rumor after ...

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Somali pirates hijack Greek-owned chemical tanker

22 people on board - Liquid Velvet Somali pirates have hijacked a Greek-owned chemical tanker with 22 people on board in the Gulf of Aden and are taking the vessel towards the Somali coast, a regional maritime expert and a pirate said on Tuesday.The Marshall Islands-flagged Liquid Velvet was seized on Monday in the Gulf of Aden en route to India. The 11,599 DWT vessel is owned by the Greek firm Elmira Tankers, according to the firm's website."It was taken yesterday. It was going from Suez and heading to India," maritime editor Andrew Mwangura said.Increasingly well-armed and violent Somali pirate gangs are expected to carry out more attacks as the monsoon season ends and the seas off the Horn of Africa flatten.A pirate who gave his name as Khalif confirmed the attack."We have hijacked the tanker and it is due to anchor near the shores of Garad," Khalif told Reuters by telephone from the pirate haven of Dhanane.Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean costs the world economy billions of dollars a year. British Prime Minister David Cameron has said British merchant ships off the coast of Somalia will soon be allowed to carry armed guards.Pirates operating ...

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Greek shipowners demand action on piracy

Delegation warns US of trade disruption and calls for armed guards on vessels at risk Greek shipowners have warned of havoc on vital international ocean trades if the menace of piracy is not curtailed more effectively.The message was spelt out "in no uncertain terms" by a delegation of Greek owners who visited Washington this month, meeting rulemakers and officials including US Secretary of Transportation Ray La Hood."They understand the implications if the transport chain is disrupted, which obviously it may be if seafarers are not willing to go into the Indian Ocean, for example," said a source close to the trip, which took place under the auspices of the Union of Greek Shipowners.One owner said: "There is a tendency in the US to think that piracy in the Indian Ocean has very little to do with them. But they understand the implications for trade and we also pointed out the mounting cost of piracy to the American consumer."A report in IFW's sister publication, Lloyd's List, said Greek-controlled shipping was estimated to carry about 20% of US imports and exports, a share partly reflecting the fact that Greek owners on average operate larger ships than many other nationalities.The Union of Greek ...

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