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Ports to face challenging calculations due to rising sea-levels

It is said that a set of predictions in late 2019 informed that the rising sea levels could threaten triple the number of what was previously thought. Wärtsilä now highlights that port cities are due to “bear the brunt of these effects.” Even if all the commitments are met as planned, it won’t stop sea levels from rising over the next two centuries. 

Port of Vancouver to strengthen resilience to climate change

Terry Beech, the Canadian Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport and Member of Parliament for Burnaby North – Seymour, on behalf of Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced that the Government of Canada is investing more than $300,000 in two projects at the Port of Vancouver to strengthen its transportation system and better prepare for climate change and extreme weather events.

UNCTAD: Ports need to be protected from climate change impacts

In order for the world trade system to cope with the projected impacts of climate change, it has to transform. Climate change’s impacts and the pressing need to prepare ports and coastal transport infrastructure, are now on the spotlight, UNCTAD’s chief of policy and legislation, Regina Asariotis said.

Port of San Diego prepares for future sea level rise

The Port of San Diego is preparing for the future sea level rise and has taken practical measures to mitigate this problem. Namely, at the location of a future hotel and convention center in Chula Vista, the Port trucked enough soil to raise the ground level by 14 feet. The fill dirt project started in August and finished last week. 

Ports join on initiative to address global warming

The Port of Rotterdam Authority announced the launch of the World Ports Climate Action Program. In this initiative, the port authorities of Hamburg, Barcelona, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Vancouver and Rotterdam will work together on a number of projects that address the issue of global warming.

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