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Carbon dioxide emissions remained flat in 2019

In spite of expectations indicating that energy-related carbon dioxide emissions would increase, they have stopped growing in 2019, according to IEA data. As a matter of fact, after two years of growth, global emissions remained at 33 gigatonnes in 2019 even as the world economy grew by 2.9%.

Natural gas and renewables become more profitable options in Spain

Energy produced at coal-fired thermal stations made up less than 5% of all electricity generated in 2019 in Spain, as natural gas and renewables become more profitable options. According to figures that Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the national power grid operator, advanced to EL PAÍS, the country has dramatically reduced its reliance on coal-fired power, and as a direct result, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electricity generation fell 33.3% in 2019.

Climate change to affect the oceans colour

According to a new MIT study, climate change is causing significant changes to phytoplankton in the world’s oceans, and over the coming decades these changes will affect the ocean’s colour, intensifying its blue regions and its green ones. The researchers found that, by the year 2100, more than 50% of the world’s oceans will change in colour, because of climate change.

NOAA: November 2018 the 5th hottest ever for the globe

Although it was not as warm as October, November 2018 ranked as the fifth hottest November on record, with the year to date coming in as fourth hottest for planet Earth, according to scientists with NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

UN to publish report on global actions to reduce emissions

The United Nations Environment Programme will publish a report during November, presenting an assessment of current national emissions mitigation efforts and ambitions that countries have presented. The report will also look at fiscal policy, the role of innovation, and the role of non-state and subnational action.

How climate change can affect Europe

The impact of climate change is already impacting the ecosystems, economic sectors and people’s health and well-being in Europe. In order to present how climate change can affect Europe, the European Parliament created an infographic depicting the impacts of climate change in each region of the continent.

Marshall Islands reveal plan to eliminate GHG emissions

The Marshall Islands announced an ambitious plan, aiming to limit its greenhouse emissions to zero by 2050. The Pacific country became the first small island nation to present such a strategy amid worldwide interest towards cutting GHG emissions. The Marshall Islands’ strategy seeks to slow climate change in the transport, electricity and waste sector.

Study: Global warming may be twice what climate models predict

Future global warming may eventually be twice as warm as projected by climate models, while sea levels may rise six metres or more, even if the world meets the 2°C target, according to a new international research from 17 countries published last week in Nature Geoscience.

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