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GSF calls for transparency of maritime carbon emissions

Speaking at the 4th Shipping and Offshore Corporate and Social Responsibility Forum, the Secretary General of the Global Shippers' Forum outlined the need for transparency of maritime carbon emissions and interventions, saying it is essential in order that shippers can identify their carbon footprint. After presenting at the CSR event, Chris Welsh, GSF's Secretary General said: "Leading edge shippers, charters and carriers are making substantial progress in establishing common methodologies for measuring, recording and verifying carbon emissions.  The drive is led by customers who are calling for greater transparency in carbon emissions data to benchmark the energy efficiency of carriers so that they cannot only identify their supply chain emissions, but also to take appropriate interventions to reduce supply chain carbon emissions." Entitled 'Driving Transformation through the value chain - the demand for CSR by Shippers' the GSF presentation referred to comments from leading shippers and their motivation of working towards that goal: Reporting carbon emissions within logistics supply chains is essential to demonstrate to customers that businesses are managed in a sustainable way    Being at the forefront of changes in their market sectors Consumers and customers associate brands with doing business in an environmentally ethical way - ie ...

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Shippers call for transparency on reduced sulphur surcharges

The Global Shippers' Forum (GSF) is calling for more information regarding reduced sulphur surcharges ahead of the implementation of Emission Control Areas from 1 January 2015. From January, new legal requirements will come into force in North Europe (including the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel) and North America (200 nautical miles from American and Canadian shores) which will lower the maximum allowed content of sulphur in fuel burned in the ECA's to 0.1% sulphur from the current 1%. GSF Secretary General, Chris Welsh, said: "With one or two notable exceptions, few shipping lines have yet provided information to their customers on their low sulphur fuel strategies and the extra cost to be passed on to shippers via increased rates or bunker surcharges.  With shippers under pressure to finalise freight budgets for 2015, this information is urgently required by customers." The GSF recognises that implementation of the new low sulphur fuel limits represents a challenge to the shipping industry.  There is a range of options open to carriers: use of marine gas oil which meets the 0.15 sulphur content, use of alternative fuels such as LNG and methanol, and the use of abatement technology such as scrubbers to dilute exhaust ...

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Shippers support development of data collection system for emissions

The Global Shippers' Forum is calling for shippers' carbon reporting requirements to be fully considered as the maritime sector develops technical and operational measures to reduce emissions. Ahead of the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 67) next week, GSF is supporting progress towards establishing a data collection system for ships to measure maritime emissions. Shippers are under increasing pressure to be able to report Scope 3 (indirect carbon emissions) to customers and require this data from ship operators. Chris Welsh, Secretary General of GSF said: "Next week, we hope that the IMO's special correspondence group taking this work forward will make further progress on a data collection system. A pragmatic and practical data collection system, based where possible on actual fuel consumption and distance travelled, will help identify where emissions need to be cut whilst assisting shippers in making carbon efficient supply chain decisions." As the European Commission also works on proposals for a monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system from 2018 for all large ships that use EU ports, GSF welcomes the IMO's decision to also establish a global system. Ultimately a global reporting system for ships is required as shipping remains a global industry. Mr ...

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Global Shippers Forum backs EC carbon proposals

Calls for a transparent, harmonized global method for reducing emissions The Global Shippers' Forum has taken special notice of proposals from the European Commission to establish a system to reduce carbon emissions (CO2) from the maritime sector.The European Commission will legislate for a monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system for large ships (over 5,000 gross tons) from 2018 that use EU ports, irrespective of where the ships are registered.Ship owners will be required to monitor and report the verified amount of CO2 annually emitted by their large ships on voyages to, from and between EU ports. The proposal offers flexibility for ship owners to record and report emissions by focusing on fuel consumption through methods such as using bunker fuel delivery notes or bunker fuel tank monitoring.International maritime emissions make up an estimated 2.7 per cent of global greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions but left unchecked could increase by 150 to 200 per cent between 2007 and 2050.*Chris Welsh, Secretary General, Global Shippers' Forum said:"Achieving global agreement on precisely how to tackle climate change within the maritime sector has been slow paced and fraught with difficulty. There are many competing views; however, shippers are looking for a substantive breakthrough. Shippers are ...

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