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Hamburg Port Authority joins Getting to Zero Coalition

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) announced that it will participate in the Getting to Zero Coalition. The initiative now counts more than 90 companies from all areas of the maritime sector, is committed to international decarbonization.

Maritime industry should focus more on human rights

Last year’s Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit had ‘Taking the lead’ as a tagline. According to GMF, the global maritime industry has been able to address some of its most pressing issues and act as a leader. While many of the issues will remain, the efforts that have been taken to tackle corruption and the impacts on the environment have been considered successful examples of collective action to address global issues.

Shipping decarbonization needs more than $1 trillion investment

Following the implementation of the 2020 sulphur cap on January 1st 2020, a study launched focuses on the importance of new investments into new fuel production, supply chains and a new or retrofitted fleet to achieve the decarbonization in the next three decades.

Do’s and Dont’s to ensure zero accidents onboard

As the shipping industry is striving to improve safety, major representatives from the sector agreed to the industry’s Golden Safety Rules, along with other ideas as well regarding how these measures can be applied. This is part of the ‘Together in Safety’ initiative, which aims to achieve a zero-incident industry, and the agreement took place during the Global Maritime Forum 2019 in Singapore.

Key shipping challenges discussed at Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit

Leaders from around the world gathered for the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit on 30-31 October in Singapore, to develop concrete solutions to the most important challenges facing the maritime industry, including decarbonization, improvement of efficiency and safety and attracting new generation. 

IRENA: Shipping industry should prepare for a low-carbon future

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) launched its “Navigating the way to a renewable future: Solutions to decarbonize shipping” report during Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in Singapore, highlighting the importance of reducing shipping emissions and following the path towards a carbon-zero industry, in line with IMO’s sustainability targets.