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Shipping urged to work with EU to reduce emissions

While a carbon levy should apply globally for shipping decarbonization, there are also opportunities on national and regional schemes, senior maritime stakeholders said during a high-level meeting last week.

How industry leaders see the impact of pandemic to shipping

The pandemic was at the top of concerns in the latest Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2020, with 93% of respondents saying the pandemic makes a global economic crisis more likely. A pandemic was also identified as the issue that the maritime industry feels the least prepared for, out of 19 other issues. 

Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2020: Economic crisis remains top concern for shipping

Maritime decision-makers deem a global economic crisis as the issue that can have the greatest impact on the industry in the next ten years, according to the Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2020 report by the Global Maritime Forum. Meanwhile, regardless of the pandemic, climate issues remain a top priority and increase in rankings of impact, likelihood, and preparedness.

IMO webinar: What is the future of decarbonization in shipping?

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, climate change remains a crucial issue for the planet, and consequently for shipping as well. In a recent webinar, IMO reminded of its strategy to reduce shipping’s emissions, presenting significant challenges for discussion.

Hamburg Port Authority joins Getting to Zero Coalition

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) announced that it will participate in the Getting to Zero Coalition. The initiative now counts more than 90 companies from all areas of the maritime sector, is committed to international decarbonization.

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