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Gibraltar extends port facilities in case of no-deal Brexit

Gibraltar has extended port facilities to be able to handle more ships carrying goods in case Britain leaves the EU without an agreement, the British territory’s maritime minister said on Friday. There have been concerns that Gibraltar’s open land border with Spain would be affected by Brexit.

Gibraltar’s sees first LNG bunker supply

Gibraltar saw the first ever LNG bunker supply within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW). This took place with the arrival of one of the worlds biggest floating cranes, the Panamanian Semi Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV) ‘Sleipnir’, owned by Heerema Marine Contractors.

Iran denies UK sailing through the Strait of Hormuz

Following the increasing tensions in Strait of Hormuz between the UK and Iran, the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, stated that the UK cannot use the Strait of Hormuz for as long as Iran is denied passage through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Israeli NGO sues Gibraltar to free Grace 1

An Israeli NGO asked a court in Gibraltar to seize and sell the Iranian-controlled tanker Grace 1 to please a US court judgement. The vessel was seized on July 4 by the UK Royal Marines while passing near Gibraltar. 

Shell reportedly to apply for LNG bunkering license at Gibraltar port

Shell announced that it will apply for an LNG bunkering license at the Port of Gibraltar, as Shell’s Arjan Stavast, allegedly, informed attendees of the Maritime Week Gibraltar Conference. The legislative framework for the licensing of LNG bunkering is already in place in Gibraltar and the code of practice has been drafted.

Gibraltar presents new LNG import terminal

Gibraltar has launched a new LNG regasification terminal, which Shell and Gasnor completed recently. The building of the terminal comes after an LNG supply deal that was reached in 2016 between Shell and Gibraltar. Gasnor will be operating the terminal. The new terminal is part of Gibraltar’s attempt to switch from diesel-fueled power generation to natural gas.

Gibraltar’s shipyard converts Balearia’s ferry to run on LNG

Gibraltar’s Gibdock shipyard conducted an important conversion project so that the Balearia ferry Napoles can operate using LNG as a fuel. The project took three months and represents Gibraltar’s position as one of the leading, environmentally-friendly facilities in the Mediterranean.

Spanish Navy commands merchant vessels to leave Gibraltar anchorage

The Government of Gibraltar published a strong protest on February 17, when the Spanish Navy entered the bounds of Gibraltar’s maritime claims and commanded merchant vessels to leave Spanish waters. The Spanish vessel identified itself as ‘Tornedo P44’ and ordered a merchant ship to leave anchorage and depart Spain’s territorial waters.

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