Watch: RightShip launches 2020 GHG rating

Reducing shipping emissions and evolving into an environmentally-friendly sector remain the top goals of the industry; Now, RightShip launched the GHG rating for 2020 enabling charterers benchmark the emissions profile of a vessel or a fleet.

Watch: Greenpeace activists board tanker with palm oil

Six Greenpeace activists boarded Stolt Tenacity for protest purposes, a giant tanker owned by Stolt Tankers, while the vessel was underway off the west coast of Spain, in the Gulf of Cadiz, on November 17. According to Greenpeace, the captain had already been informed via VHF radio for the protest.

Watch: Which factors shape global energy system by 2040

The resurgence in oil and gas production from the United States, deep declines in the cost of renewables and growing electrification are changing the face of the global energy system and upending traditional ways of meeting energy demand, according to IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2017. 

The importance of energy efficiency in shipping

Funded by the European Union and implemented by IMO, the Global MTCC Network initiative unites technology centres, such as Maritime Technologies Cooperation Centres, in targeted regions into a global network. Their aim is to promote technologies and operations to improve energy efficiency in the maritime sector.

RightShip's Ocean Innovation Challenge

RightShip's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Rating measures the relative efficiency of vessels, enabling environmentally sustainable decision making.