More than 135 shipping lines slow their speed in Port of Long Beach

More than 135 shipping lines at the Port of Long Beach were applauded for voluntarily participating in Port of Long Beach ‘Green Flag Incentive Program’ which offers financial incentives for cargo vessels to reduce speed near the port with the goal to reduce air pollution. 

Port of Seattle adopts plan to improve sustainability

The Port of Seattle adopted its workplan for the Energy and Sustainability Committee on April 23. The Port identified four areas of focus to improve environmental and community health in Puget Sound and tackle climate change. These are a more sustainable aviation; Sustainable Project Framework Resolution; development of the Port’s Waterfront Clean Energy Strategic Plan; Maritime Blue Maritime Inspiration Awards; and environmental stewardship into New Cruise Terminal.

Port of Vancouver completes shore power facility

The Port of Vancouver has completed a shore power facility, which will enable ships to shut down their diesel engines and connect to an electrical grid supplied by renewable energy sources. The Shore Power Technology for Ports program, Canada and the Port of Vancouver have contributed $3.5 million to the Centerm project, for a total investment of $7 million.

Conducting an assessment of port emissions

The first guide of ‘The Port Emissions Toolkit’: Assessment of port emissions, incorporates the latest emission inventory methods and approaches. It recognizes that ships do not operate independently from shore-based entities in the maritime transportation system, and that port emission considerations must extend beyond the ships themselves.

Seven major global ports join forces to tackle global warming

Seven major international ports recognized for advancing environmental initiatives have teamed up to launch the ‘World Ports Climate Action Program’, focusing on the development of projects to address global warming and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, against greenhouse gas emissions.

Port of LA awarded $41 million for zero emissions project

The California Air Resources Board has preliminarily awarded $41 million dollars to the Port of Los Angeles for the Zero-Emission and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities project. The total project cost for this initial phase is $82,568,872, with partners providing $41,446,612.

IMO Sec-Gen: Ports crucial in efficient ships operations

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim attended the IHMA harbour masters congress, whose theme was “Ports: Essential for Safe, Efficient and Secure Global Trade”. During his speech, he highlighted the crucial role of harbour masters in ensuring the safe arrival and departure of ships and making the ship-port interface work efficiently.

BPA: GHG strategy decided at MEPC 72 must not distort competition

Commenting on the ongoing discussions on a GHG strategy at MEPC 72, Mark Simmonds, Policy Manager at British Ports Association, noted that any agreements reached this week should be implemented by the UK Government in a pragmatic and sensible manner, so that they will not disadvantage any particular region or distort competition.

Port of Rotterdam calls for a joint CO2 price

The Port of Rotterdam Authority called the Dutch Government to create a coalition with countries in North-West Europe, so that a joint CO2 price can be introduced. The Port Authority also announced an incentive of in total 5 million euros for vessel operators experimenting with low-carbon or zero-carbon fuels.

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