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Oil and Gas exploration puts whales at risk

A threat to the livelihood of the critically endangered gray whale Delegates meeting at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) conference in the Channel Islands warn that oil and gas exploration in the Russian Far East continues to threaten the livelihood of the critically endangered gray whale that spends its summer feeding along Sakhalin Island, according to a recent BBC News report. IWC scientists say that companies using seismic guns to find oil and gas in the area are taking steps to reduce impact, but they said those companies need to do more to protect the whales.The western population of gray whales is one of the most endangered group of cetaceans in the world, with only some 130 remaining, including only 26 breeding females. And the area around Sakhalin Island is their only known feeding ground.The IWC recommends that "appropriate monitoring and mitigation plans" should be implemented for oil and gas exploration in that area. It also urges companies to work with scientists to coordinate "seismic surveys and other noise producing activities."Seismic surveys entail the use of underwater sound that can be so intense that it may force whales out of the area and also may damage their hearing.A group of ...

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A new study released today by the National Ocean Industries Association

Gulf Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Could Support Over 400,000 Jobs Nationwide by 2013 A new study released today by the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) shows the important nationwide jobs and economic impact of the Gulf of Mexico offshore oil and gas industry and reveals the effect of permitting on those figures.According to the study conducted by Quest Offshore Inc., the Gulf offshore oil and gas industry supported more than 240,000 jobs across the country while contributing more than $26 billion to the nation's GDP in 2010."The Gulf offshore oil and gas industry supports tens of thousands of jobs outside the Gulf of Mexico"" said Randall Luthi, president of NOIA. "These jobs are found across the United States - at places like Redwing Shoe Company in Minnesota, Godwin Pumps in New Jersey and Hammerhead Industries in California, just to name a few."But offshore industry-related jobs are down from 2008, the study shows, due in part to the poor economy, the deepwater moratorium, and the continuing slow pace of new drilling permits in the gulf. More than 60,000 jobs have been lost in the Gulf States alone since 2008, according to the study.There is ...

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The future of North Sea oil and gas

One of the great success stories of modern British industry North Sea oil and gas is one of the great success stories of modern British industry, which is why Chancellor George Osborne must take a long hard look at the taxes he imposed in his last Budget.Most businesses think this Government has done a reasonable job in cutting tax and red tape on business compared to its Labour predecessor.But its failure to redraft the new levy on the North Sea has been one of its worst own goals.British Gas owner Centrica has mothballed its South Morecambe field because the extra tax makes it more economic to buy foreign gas that pump it up through its own rigs.There is also evidence that producers are putting the brakes on new investment in the British sector of the North Sea in favour of Norway.At a time when so much of British industry is under the cosh, and the global oil industry is going through turbulent times, the last thing the North Sea needs is self-inflicted problems.The industry is lobbying hard for a rethink. For the sake of jobs and investment the Chancellor should swallow his pride and do a nifty about about turn.Source: ...

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Gibson Shipbrokers publishes Gas Carrier register 2011 and Tanker Register 2011

Also available in CD Leading London broking house E A Gibson Shipbrokers has published the 2011 Gas Carrier register and the 2011 Tanker Register.Compiled by Gibsons research team, the Gas Carrier Register covers ocean going gas carriers of over 1,000 cu m capacity.It covers vessels by owner, name and size, pressure LPG, pressurised/refrigerated LPG, fully refrigerated LPG, ethylene LNG, ice class, former vessel names and LNG and LPG orderbooks. The register also comes with a CD.As for the Tanker register, this includes details of more than 4,200 existing crude and product tankers of over 25,000 dwt, plus around 750 newbuildings and those on order.Vessels are listed by owner and name, type, dwt, cubic capacity, hull type and details of when and where built.In addition, the book contains details of timecharter employment and pooling arrangements.An enhanced CD is also included in the price. This contains a further four sections, such as charterer, tanker pool, dwt and the orderbook taken by size group and delivery date.The data contained in both registers is updated annually and is believed to be correct as of April, this year, Gibson's research department claimed.Source: Tanker Operator

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