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Rights of shipping company and employee during USCG inspection

Following the increased ship inspections and fines issued by the US Coast Guard at US ports, Gard’s Sean Pribyl, Senior Claims Executive, Lawyer, and Andrew Norris Independent Maritime Consulting, provide their insights on the company and employee rights during an inspection.

The issues arising from the negative COVID-19 tests

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great challenge for the industry, but the tests conducted within the shipping industry hide some dangers. In other words, there is always a possibility that the test samples are not good enough or there are problems in their analysis, such as contamination by other tests. 

IMO 2020: A review of the transition to VLSFOs

Gard’s Loss Prevention Executive Asia, Singapore, Siddharth Mahajan and Senior Claims Adviser, London, Louis Shepherd note that the 2020 transition has been smoother than many predicted but not without challenges.

Dealing with undeclared bunker in a Turkish port

Gard refers to an incident when one of its members’ vessel was held in a Turkish port when customs officials identified a discrepancy between the declared and the actual figures of fuel oil remaining onboard.

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