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Overflow incidents the cause of most bunker spills

Over the last five policy years, 2014 to 2018, 18% of all pollution incidents handled by Gard Club claims teams have been caused by bunker spills, with an average cost per incident in excess of USD 100,000. But what is the cause of these incidents?

Gard joins Norwegian cleaning local initiative

Gard presents Norway’s local approach on the problem of pollution, as Norwegians teamed up to clean marine litter from Norway’s shoreline. The majority of plastics found on the shorelines, sea surface and sea floor are not biodegradable so discarded or lost plastic items accumulate over time on shorelines.

Gard: Complying with food waste discharge regulations

MARPOL allows unprocessed food waste to be discharged into the sea from vessels proceeding at a distance not less than 12 nautical miles from the nearest land. However, according to Gard not all coastal states define their ‘nearest land boundary’ in the same way.

Honduras: New oil spill response requirements

The Honduras Maritime Authority advised that all vessels must nominate an oil spill response organisation which has been approved by the Authority to secure the availability of private personnel and equipment necessary to remove a worst-case discharge, and to mitigate or prevent a threat of such a discharge.

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