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U.S. Navy to consider training improvements

In a new report, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GOA) recommends that the U.S. Navy should take further measures in order to improve training quality. In fact, with the aim to improve ship-driving skills, the Navy has added classroom and simulator training for the Surface Warfare Officers who drive these ships, since 2017, when ship collisions resulted in the loss of 17 sailors’ lives as well as significant damage to Navy ships.

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Challenges when addressing abandoned and derelict vessels

The US Government Accountability Office issued a report addressing federal and state actions, expenditures and challeges on abandoned and derelict vessels. The report notes that the ability of the federal government to respond to such incidents is largely limited to those vessels, that create a hazard to navigation, they threat of a spill of oil or hazardous substance, or present a public health threat.

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