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IMO 2020: A review of the transition to VLSFOs

Gard’s Loss Prevention Executive Asia, Singapore, Siddharth Mahajan and Senior Claims Adviser, London, Louis Shepherd note that the 2020 transition has been smoother than many predicted but not without challenges.

VLSFO threats still present, Aderco warns

Aderco notes that there are still five key threats associated with new VLSFO; cat fines, sludge, compatibility issues, asphaltene and fuel stability remain key issues for the health and maintenance of diesel engines since the IMO sulphur cap became effective.

Why new VLSFO 0.5% sulphur fuels emit higher black carbon emissions

Now that the sulphur cap is effective, blending is the only economical method to produce low sulphur fuels, states Mr. Francisco Malta, Director at VM Industrials – Aderco Australia who explains that VLSFOs could increase black carbon emissions because of paraffinic hydrocarbons; thus, shipping industry needs to focus on fuel stability and address all issues.

Dealing with undeclared bunker in a Turkish port

Gard refers to an incident when one of its members’ vessel was held in a Turkish port when customs officials identified a discrepancy between the declared and the actual figures of fuel oil remaining onboard.

Fuel Quality Claims: key considerations

In two enlightening webinars last month, experts from the UK P&I Club’s Singapore office addressed the topic of bunker quality claims and the technical aspects of a fuel quality claim. They discussed many issues, from the various aspects of testing to compliance in order to provide feedback on doubts related to the practical and operational aspects of handling fuel. 

Lloyd’s Register FOBAS receives GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce that Lloyd’s Register FOBAS has received the 2020 GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award, sponsored by ERMA FIRST S.A., at a prestigious award ceremony which successfully concluded on March 3rd at Yacht Club of Greece in Athens, the evening ahead of the 2020 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum.

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