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Marfin gains fuel transparency using blockchain-based system

Marfin Management, Monaco-based ship manager, signed up as the first commercial partner to use the BunkerTrace system to track marine fuels, to manage any possible non-compliant or contaminated fuel. Marfin will use the system to track marine fuel, using synthetic DNA markers at specific points of the supply chain and record each transaction in a blockchain-based solution.

MPA: majority of Singapore’s suppliers have VLSFO available

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) 29 out of 45 Singapore’s licensed bunker suppliers, have readily available 0.50% sulphur fuel oil, with all expect two having IMO 2020-compliant marine gasoil (MGO). Although, there are still several reports that some shipowners are struggling to find very low sulphur fuel (VLSFO).

India experiences lack of 2020-compliant fuel

Following the official implementation of the 2020 sulphur cap, Standard Club received reports that certain ports in India have experienced lack of low-sulphur compliant fuel oil, which may halt ship operations on east coast of India.

China catches two vessels in sulphur cap violations

Following the enforcement of the IMO’s 2020 sulphur cap, China has already caught two ships for low sulphur violations in its waters; Yet, Standard Club reports that the authorities have not made clear whether they will fine the ships as the result of the infractions.

China launches first 2020 fuel export quotas

Reuters reports that China has already increase its first batch of 2020 fuel export quotas by 53% from a year earlier to 27.99 million tonnes, keeping in mind that the 2020 sulphur cap will come into force in less than a day. 

Onboard blending can be advantageous alternative to de-bunkering

BIMCO comments on the future fuel oil carriage ban that is demanded from the International Maritime Organization and will come into force on March 1, 2020, assisting those interested on the regulatory aspects of whether on board blending can be considered compliant.

Indonesia’s state energy company produces LSFO

Indonesian state energy company PT Pertamina began producing low sulphur marine fuel oil, following the country’s ambitions in complying with the IMO’s 2020 sulphur cap. The state energy company will soon transmit its first shipment of marine fuel, 7,000 kilolitres or 44,028 barrels, from its refinery in Plaju to its Balikpapan supply point.

Sustainable biofuels mark the path to decarbonization

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) launched a report during COP25, on December 11, highlighting the shipping industry’s path towards sustainability, and presenting the industry’s perspective on biofuels and other alternative fuels through an inquiry facilitated by sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future.


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