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FMC concerned over Puerto Rico Terminal facilities agreement

An agreement filed at the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) allowing a joint venture between two adjacent terminals at the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico, applies from August 29. However, concerns about the agreement and its affects on the marketplace will lead the FMC to adopt a more vigorous oversight plan than its traditional monitoring program.

FMC to keep an eye on bunker surcharges

The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) will continue paying attention on the way that ocean carriers pass on additional fuels costs that have occurred due to IMO’s 2020 sulphur cap. The regulation could increase fuel costs by as much as one third. FMC is mainly aiming to make sure that ocean carrier bunker charge adjustment formulas are clear and definite, FMC Chairman Michael Khouri informed. 

US: Issues with charges for holding onto cargo beyond free time

As Nooshin Namazi, Partner at Nicoletti Hornig & Sweeney, IUMI Professional Partner, informs, the US Federal Maritime Commission discovered that issues with charges for holding onto cargo beyond free time, traditionally referred to as demurrage or detention is prevalent among all actors in the international ocean supply chain, and not just shippers and consignees.

US FMC launches detention and demurrage investigation

The US Federal Maritime Commission has launched the first phase of investigation into port demurrage, detention, and free time practices by ordering ocean common carriers to provide information and documents explaining those practices. A similar effort with respect to container terminals at major US ports is also underway.

"K"Line, MOL, NYK agreement for container service rejected

The US Federal Maritime Commission announced that rejects on jurisdictional grounds the “Tripartite Agreement”, an agreement of three carriers to form a joint container shipping service. The agreement was filed at the Commission on March 24, 2017 by K Line, MOL, and NYK.

East Coast Port Gateway Terminal Agreement to go into effect

Port authorities in Virginia and Georgia are said to be allowed to engage in discussions about a variety of commercial and operational topics as a result of the FMC voting to allow the “East Coast Port Gateway Terminal Agreement” to enter into force.

US FMC to ease ocean transportation regulatory

The US Federal Maritime Commission has voted to amend its rules involving Service Contracts and NVOCC Service Arrangements in order to ease regulatory burdens and make the agency’s rules more consistent with how the ocean shipping business is now practiced.

FMC: Lessons learned from Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy

The August 2016 collapse of Hanjin Line was a wake-up call for the entire ocean transportation supply chain, Commissioner with the US Federal Maritime Commission, said at 2017 TPM Conference. More than $14 Billion in cargo was stranded at sea and ships were scattered all over the globe at anchor or just outside territorial waters.

Georgia, Virginia file East Coast gateway terminal agreement

The Georgia Ports Authority and the Virginia Port Authority have joined hands in order to file with the Federal Maritime Commission to create new agreement which encourages voluntary cooperation in the areas of operational and supply chain efficiencies, safety, communications and customer service.


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