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Lessons learned: Missing gasket causes cargo hold flooding

In its monthly safety scenario for September, the Swedish Club describes a case of cargo hold flooding which was attributed to a tank missing a gasket to the manhole. Also, the bilge sensor was broken and heavily corroded, although it had been inspected a couple of days previously and found at the time to be in good condition.

NTSB investigation: Captain’s poor decision linked to vessel sinking

NTSB issued an investigation report on the flooding and sinking of the commercial fishing vessel Pacific 1 while in the Bering Sea, Alaska, in February 2019. The report identified the master’s decision to remain at sea with continuous flooding as key cause of the sinking. 

Study surveys people vulnerable to sea level rise

A study launched in 2019 presented the results of a survey concerning people currently occupying global land below projected high tide lines for 2100 under low carbon emissions, up from 110 M today, for a median increase of 80 M.

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