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The world merchant fleet in 2013

Equasis issues statistics report Equasis issued a report providing a picture of the worlds merchant fleet in 2013, derived from data contained in the Equasis database.The Equasis fleet is dominated (81%) by small and medium sized ships up to 24.999 GT. Small ships alone represent 36% by number, although only 1% by tonnage. Many of the small ships are not subject to international conventions on safety and pollution prevention because of their size or because they do not trade internationally. However some flag States do require these ships to apply the same standards.World fleet : total number of ships, by sizeGeneral cargo ships and tugs are the most common type by number, at 19.9% and 19%, respectively, of the Equasis fleet. Most of these are small and medium sized. In the large and very large categories, oil and chemical tankers and bulk carriers represent well over half of the fleet in number.In terms of tonnage, the large and very large size categories represent 80% of the Equasis fleet, with oil and chemical tankers, and bulk carriers, dominating both categories at 68.7% (large) and 64.4% (very large) respectively.Over a half (50.4%) of the Equasis fleet, by number, is 15 years or ...

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