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Watch: Why do ships choose flags of convenience?

When registering a vessel for conducting international travels, a company must select a country under the flag of which that vessel will sail. However, many companies that are based in one country, choose to register a ship on another country’s flag. This video explains why.

ITF exposes wage theft on ship at Port Kembla

Inspections by ITF inspectors in Western Port and Port Kembla of the Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier ‘Ken Ei’, in January, led to $38,384 in coastal wages being paid immediately in cash to the 20 Filipino seafarers crewing the ship, ITF informed.

Tanzania revokes foreign vessel registration

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli, stated last week that he will suspend the registration of foreign ships in Tanzania, after incidents in which ships carrying the flag of Tanzania were caught with drugs. Furthermore, Mr. Magufuli ordered all of the ships under the Tanzanian flag to be investigated.

New report examines increasing use of FOC in Australia

The Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee of the Australian Senate issued a report concerning the increasing use of Flag of Convenience in Australia, revealing that, in 2016, 5.719 foreign‑flagged vessels arrived in Australian ports.

Australia: Flag of Convenience is risk to national security

The Australian Senate inquiry finds flag of convenience shipping poses risks to national security. FOC shipping refers to international trading vessels registered in tax havens such as Liberia, Panama and the Marshall Islands and are renowned for their lax labour laws, poor investment controls and lack of ownership oversight. 

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