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Fishing for safety video: Why SMS is important in fishery

AMSA released ‘Fishing for Safety: Creating a Safety Management System’, a 16-minute video showing easy to understand steps, real-world stories and experiences of why an effective safety management system (SMS) is essential when working in the fishing industry.

Watch: How illegal fishing hurts Ghana’s fisheries

The Environmental Justice Foundation filmed illegal activities as they took place at sea and undertook first-hand monitoring at ports and data analysis to present the full catastrophic scale of this form of organised crime. ‘Saiko’ is a form of illegal fishing, where foreign trawlers target the staple catch of Ghanaian canoe fishers and sell this stolen fish back to local communities at a profit.

Watch: Fishing vessel on fire, while undergoing repairs

The reefer trawler Ostrov Sakhalin caught fire while it was undergoing repairs at Preobrazheniye Ship Repair Yard, in the afternoon of Sunday, May 26. The shipyard deployed seven fire engines in order to extinguish the fire.

Watch: Fishing vessel topples in Spanish repair yard

The video depicts the moment when a French fishing vessel toppled and fell while undergoing repairs in the Oza dock, in A Coruña shipyard, Galicia, Spain. The 34-metres-long ship went off the wooden wedges that supported it and fell on the dock in front of the workers who were present at the scene.

Watch: Ten principles to tackle illegal fishing

The Environmental Justice Foundation published the ‘ten principles for global transparency in the fishing industry’. These principles aims to tackle illegal fishing and protect human rights in the industry. The ten principles are simple, low-cost measures, which include publishing licence lists and giving vessels unique numbers.

Watch: A fishing safety success story

With a fatal injury rate of 86%, fishers have been identified as the second most dangerous job in US, according to figures by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the greatest dangers to fishermen are vessel disasters, falls overboard, and machinery on deck.

Watch: Fishing vessel capsizes and sinks at berth

The video depicts the abandoned fishing vessel ‘Reyes del Mar 2’ capsizing and eventually sinking at the port of Puerto de Concepción del Uruguay, in the Uruguay river, after years at the port’s pier number seven. The ship suffered a fire back in 2011 and has been berthed to this location, until this Thursday, when it began listing.

Watch: Fishing vessel on fire near California

The US Coast Guard is coordinating fuel removal and salvage operations for a fishing vessel that caught fire near Eureka. The case started Wednesday morning, when a crewmember from the distressed fishing vessel ‘Midori’ contacted another fishing vessel ‘Charlie D’, via cell phone, to report a fire aboard.

US navy rescues sailors from piracy attack

Sailors from the guided-missile ‘USS Howard’ came to the aid to the crew of an Iranian fishing dhow, that was attacked by pirates, south of the island of Socotra near the Gulf of Aden, as seen in video published by US naval Institute.

HRAS introduces internship programme

Human Rights at Sea has launched internship program to include fishermen. This short film provides background to why the charity was first set up, its aims and objectives.

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