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Master and vessel owner to pay £15,624 for fisheries offences

Master and vessel owner are ordered to pay £15,624 for fisheries offences. The hearing was conducted on January 8, at Plymouth Magistrates Court in a prosecution that was brought by the Marine Management Organisation, MMO. Two charges were brought before court concerning exceeding monthly quota limits. In addition, the defendants pleaded guilty to both charges.

UK court fines company, owner and master for fishing without licence

The UK Marine Management Organisation fined the master of a fishing vessel, a director of the company that owns the vessel and the company itself, £75,000 for fishing without a licence. The company, its company director, and the master all pleaded guilty in court.

Fisherman accused of murder onboard fishing vessel

A Mexican national was arrested and charged on September 24, in federal court in Boston in connection with the murder of an individual aboard a fishing vessel off the coast of Massachusetts. Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez, 27, was charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

US suits company over pollution crimes

The US have filed a civil enforcement action against Azure Fishery LLC, the company’s managers, the operator of the commercial fishing vessel Jaxon T, and the new owner of the vessel for violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The US also lodged a partial settlement to resolve the claims against the two company managers.

Fishing vessel Captain charged over shark finning

The master of a Spanish-flagged fishing vessel was charged in court, after more than a tonne of shark fins were found onboard upon detention off Ireland’ southwest coast. Meanwhile, a release bond of €335,000 was placed upon the vessel.

Fishing vessel owner ordered to pay £8,159 for fisheries offences

After a prosecution brought by the UK Marine Management Organization, Brighton Magistrates Court ordered the Master and vessel owner of the fishing vessel ‘Jennah D’ to pay £8,159 for fisheries offences on 11 July 2018. The court heard that on two occasions the ‘Jennah D’ surpassed the 1% by-catch limit for bass.

Crew and Master of hit-and-run tanker detained

Indian authorities detained two crewmembers and the Master of the VLCC ‘Desh Shakti’, after concluding that this ship was likely responsible for the hit-and-run collision with a fishing boat off Kerala earlier this month. The vessel reportedly made a brief halt but continued its journey ‘without bothering to undertake any rescue operations.’

Fishing vessel owner fined for operating unsafe vessel

The owner of a small fishing vessel has been fined a total of £15,628 after being prosecuted by the HM Coastguard for operating an unsafe vessel and failing to comply with the small fishing vessel code of practice. The vessel had been subject to a pre-arranged inspection by the UK MCA at Boston and had a catalogue of deficiencies related to emergency procedures and lifesaving equipment.

Skipper fined over fishing boat’s grounding in New Zealand

The skipper of the fishing boat ‘Lady Sarah’ pleaded guilty and was fined $2,000 by New Zealand’s Christchurch District Court, after the vessel ran aground on Kaitorete Spit near the entrance to Lake Ellesmere, back in December 2016, due to improper look-out, leading to the vessel’s total loss.

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