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One dead, one missing after trawler sinks off Ireland

One fisherman lost his life and another one is missing after a trawler sank seven miles South of Hook Head, Ireland, on 4 January, according to data provided by RNLI. The vessel activated an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) alert on 10.30 pm Saturday. 

Fishing vessel sinks in Norwegian Barents Sea

The Norway’s Accident Investigation Board issued a research focusing on the sinking fishing vessel “Fay”. Specifically, the vessel sank on 28 December north-east of Honningsvåg, Barents Seas with the certain causes of the incident still remain unclear.

Fishing vessel sinks in Gulf of Alaska, five go missing

The U.S. Coast Guard launched a search for five fishermen after their boat, Scandies Rose, sank near Sutwik Island in Alaska, during the late hours of Tuesday, December 31. In fact, when the 130-foot crab fishing vessel, homeported in Dutch Harbor, sank at roughly 2200 on Tuesday had seven crew members aboard. The USCG managed to rescue two survivors while the other five are still missing.

Photos: Russian trawler on fire in Tromsø

The Norwegian Coastal Administration released photos from a fire incident involving the Russian trawler ‘Bukhta Naezdnik’. The NCA was called to assist in the extinguishing work when a fire erupted on the Russian trawler, while at the quay in Tromsø, on 25 September.

3 fishermen rescued after ship capsizes off Egmont Key

A good Samaritan rescued three fishermen on September 18, after their boat capsized around 45 miles west of Egmont Key. They were later transported to Station St. Petersburg where they were released in good condition. A marine casualty investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the ship capsizing.

USCG resumes response to Miss Emma fire

The US Coast Guard informed that it continues to respond to an incident aboard the commercial fishing vessel Miss Emma off Oahu. The vessel caught fire on September 17, and burned throughout the night, subsequently sinking. 

Lessons learned: Non-compliance linked to fatal vessel sinking

Ireland’s MCIB issued a report on a fatal sinking involving the fishing vessel ‘Beal Sruthan’ while off Craugh Island, Galway Bay, in May 2018. Although the cause cannot be determined, it is probable that the failure to properly blank off the redundant stern tube by failing to properly seal both ends led to the sinking. 

Poor stability assessment leads fishing vessel to capsize with one fatality

NTSB issued an investigation report on the capsizing of the fish tender ‘Pacific Knight’ off Alaska in July 2018. The investigation identified several contributing factors to the capsizing, including poor stability assessment by the captain, vessel modifications, overloading and slack water in tanks. 

Lessons learned: Vessels fail to prevent collision

The National Transportation Safety Board issued an investigation report on the collision of two fishing vessels and the subsequent sinking of one vessel in the Gulf of Mexico in July 2018. The report identified issues related to poor lookout and inappropriate actions to avoid the collision. 


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